Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Elisabeth Marmorstein becomes domestic policy commentator on SVT

Elisabeth Marmorstein has been a political reporter on SVT since 2014. Now she will be a full-time domestic political commentator.

– Of course it feels very fun. We are facing a very exciting election year where I hope to contribute to making political events more understandable and interesting for our audience.

“Important reinforcement”

She will shoulder the role together with SVT’s Mats Knutson.

– This is an important reinforcement for the election campaign, it will be a very eventful year and it is extremely important for SVT to be able to cover the whole day. Elisabeth will have a special focus on morning broadcasts and live broadcasts, which have become more and more regular, says Mats Knutson.

In addition to the economy, Elisabeth Marmorstein also expects that several of the issues that have been debated extensively in recent years will continue to have a high priority for the electorate.

– If you look at which issues the voters think are most important, continued immigration and law and order are high on the agenda, so much will also revolve around those issues. And then welfare, of course, is always a big election issue, she says.

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