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El Bara dies on the shore against Maccabi in a high voltage duel | Euroleague 2020


The Catalans fall (99-94) in Tel Aviv but comfortably maintain first place in the Euroleague.

Cory Higgins, against Maccabi.ABIR SULTANEFE
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A high voltage duel was ultimately decided by a technique 12 seconds from the end of the game. prrroga. For this, Hanga said to a benchmate almost hitting the forefinger and thumb of his right hand. Nikola Mirotic, able to sign another great performance (23 points, 34 valuation, including double figures), was the unfortunate protagonist of the action. Until then, his exchange of blows with Zizic (24 points, 33 rating) had scored a match that ended in defeat, the defeat (99-94) of a Bara who could not thus mathematically secure the first place.

A suffocating defense, looking again and again for two against one when stopping the Barça interiors, was the key for Maccabi to despair at times of the Barcelona attack. On the part of Jasikevicius, Mirotic, why not, continued to show himself as the anchor to hold on to in the most difficult moments, while Caloiaro and Bender They stood out above the rest in a team capable of ending the first quarter with a five-point advantage on the scoreboard (19-14).

As much as the start of the second period did not seem too flattering for the interests of Barcelona and that Maccabi managed to beat ten times in the bright (30-20), the irruption of Hanga, the successful sparks of Higgins and patience under Oriola’s rim would be the final dessert to reach the break with much more positive feelings. With an already more common score for the Barça player, the visitors finally prevailed by a 20-24 run that allowed them to go to the locker room just one point below (38-39). And, above all, with the batteries more than charged to face the second half of the duel.

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The meeting returned after the break as a give and take between a Bara who managed to put himself very briefly ahead on the scoreboard and a Maccabi who found in Zizic his great argument to star in a takeoff that threatened to be definitive. The Barça defense did not show the usual forcefulness and that caused the locals to reach the last period with everything in their favor to win the match (65-59). But, just then, it would be the emergence of Mirotic that would push the Catalans to end up forcing the extension (80-80) in a final quarter of a heart attack. Much would contribute to this, too, the, at last, entry into the party of a Davies too erratic in the first three periods.

The American, precisely, it seemed that the visitors were going to hold on to seal the comeback and take a triumph that resists them in Tel Aviv since November 2016. The Maccabi’s outside toe, however, and the last technique on Mirotic, in the end, will deprive them of achieving it, no matter how much Davies looked for a new tie with a desperate triple. The later staff, on Blayzer, who would not waste his throws to make the distance even greater, would be the tip (99-94).

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