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EK urges government on employment decisions – dramatic increase in immigration required – Taloussanomat

Immigration needs to be significantly increased so that the shortage of skills does not stifle growth.

In a mid-term dispute, the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) is demanding decisions from the government aimed at cutting indebtedness. According to EK, employment decisions are crucial here.

The organization calculates that only 13 percent of the government’s employment targets have been met when it is weighted by the government’s fiscal balance target.

– It is not enough to repeat the employment targets, the words need concrete coverage. The keys are in the hands of the government, for example, with regard to local agreements and unemployment security solutions, CEO Jyri Häkämies says in a press release.

The measures would only come into force after the Korona period and thus, according to Häkämies, would not complicate the resuscitation policy.

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According to EK, economic growth can also be accelerated in ways that do not require additional financing.

– Examples of this are the commitment to keep the taxation of entrepreneurship and ownership at a competitive level, deregulation by setting a deadline for environmental permit processing, and implementing the reform of the Land Use and Building Act in a way that supports investment, Häkämies says.

EK also calls for a drastic increase in immigration.

– The shortage of experts is creating a growth bottleneck, which we need to significantly increase immigration from work and education, as well as improving the quality of education, Häkämies says.

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