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Home Sport Eino Vuollet married his girlfriend in the finish - Cross-country skiing
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Eino Vuollet married his girlfriend in the finish – Cross-country skiing

Eino Vuollet married her girlfriend in emotional characters with an old engagement ring from her grandfather, who died four days ago.

Ristijärvi An emotional play was seen in the Saukkovaara finish area on Sunday afternoon.

A young woman went to the perfect seventh heaven after meeting her boyfriend who survived a 50-kilometer race (v) on a hard route Eino Vuolletin.

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Ojala and Vuollet kissed in Ristijärvi after the competition.­

Vuollet had decided to sue Janiika Ojalaa, but its price was to survive the hard journey to the finish.

There, the answer came in the unequivocal affirmative.

– How would the devil have happened if Eino had interrupted? Ojala laughed.

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Engagement ring Vuollet carried it all the way. The bride got it to her left anonymous quite shabby.

– Eino dug it out of his pants, he had gone all the way there.

– Yes, I dug a ring from my eggs, Vuollet from Kurika acknowledged from the side.

The couple has been dating for six years.­

The couple, who have been dating for six years, live in Rovaniemi, where they train the skier Antti Häkämies.

Initially, Ojala should not have come to Ristijärvi at all, but Vuollet overheard him as a “guardian”.

– I wondered why my involvement is so important, Ojala admitted.

– I planned this court already a year ago after the Finnish Championships fifty, but then these Ristijärvi races were canceled because of the corona, Vuollet said.

The ring was For Ojala, it is so large that it will visit the jeweler’s desk. However, the symbolic significance of the ring was enormous for Vuollet.

– My grandfather died four days ago at the age of 91. With this ring, he has married himself in his time, and in his memory I took it with him. Originally, I had acquired a completely different ring.

His courtship, the Friends of Athletics, got the idea for the Kaleva Games 2018. Elmo Lakka Kosi at Jyväskylä Stadium with his girlfriend on live TV, and the answer was yes even then.

Elmo Lakka applied to Iida-Lotta Jura in July 2018.­

The wedding of the newlyweds is going to be held sometime in the future once the gathering restrictions have been lifted.

– The engagement meal will be enjoyed today at Paltamo’s ScanBurger, Vuollet hose.

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