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Eight places to ‘build’ the taco with a lot of art

Do you know that riding the cue (not to mess it up) has an international day? Yes, it is a literary license, but that dish – today emblem of Mexico– that until Moctezuma used as a spoon to hold food (historians, dixit) celebrates its International Day on Wednesday 31st.

Honors are not lacking to enjoy such recognition, since few elaborations are so versatile. Everything – Mexicans know it well – is susceptible to becoming a taco, you only need three things: tortilla (of corn, almost always), stuffed (from the most humble products to haute cuisine) and salsas. Don’t believe it? Well, take a look at these eight restaurants in Madrid where every day they assemble the taco with a lot of art.

Grilled sweet potato taco, in Barracuda MX.

Barracuda MX

We started with the great representative of Mexican signature cuisine in Madrid: Roberto Ruiz. The chilango has just inaugurated -one step from the Retiro- this restaurant, whose proposal is in the gastronomy of the Pacific coast its common thread and in which, of course, the studs are not lacking. The offer includes six different types (with two pieces each): octopus shaken on the coals; beef tongue; grilled sweet potato with jalapeo kefir, crunchy kale and Mexican seeds; of duck carnitas; to the black Iberian pig shepherd and dobladitas de txangurro. All, about a continent What is it pure craftswoman: corn tortillas made every day – with a fermentation technique and nixtamalizacin that makes them more digestive and gives them a special flavor – in the middle of the room. Price: from 12.20 to 19.80 euros. Address: Valenzuela, 7. Telephone: 91 108 89 99.

And, if you want to stay in the MX universe and its studs, write down two more clues: MXRR, the delivery of Roberto Ruiz, and Saln Cascabel, the Mexican antojera located in Gourmet Experience of El Corte Ingls (Serrano, 52).

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The comal de Doce Chiles.
The comal de Doce Chiles.

Twelve chili peppers

The comal, that traditional iron plate that they use in Mexico to cook, is the absolute king of this position of the Peace Market. In it, every day, tortillas, gorditas and other snacks are made by hand, which are kneaded and filled with patience and care. The taco proposal focuses on stewed tacos -cochinita pibil, chicken tinga or with mole oxaqueo with chicken (3.50 euros per unit; 10 euros, three) – and at pastor (3.75 euros; 10.50, three). And, for those who still want more, quesadillas, red and green chilaquiles, guacamole with its perceptive tortilla chips and refried beans. Address: Ayala, 28. Phone: 91 449 70 43.

Mix of tacos, in Iztac.
Mix of tacos, in Iztac.


In this establishment, whose name comes from a tragic love story set in the Aztec empireThere is much more than tacos, but the truth is that your taco proposal can lead to a love affair with a happy ending. There are four dishes that right now they have on the menu: Arabic (marinated Ibrico lizard with aromatic herbs, wheat tortilla, chipotle sauce and roasted onions); Rosarito style (shrimp in black tempura of dried chiles with red cabbage, dried chipotle mayonnaise and avocado); taco of mayan fish (sea bass marinated in achiote grilled in corn tortilla, refried beans, xnipec sauce of male plantain and avocado) and duck carnitas (the bird confit in orange juice and aromatic herbs, corn tortilla, onion and coriander). Price: from 7 euros. Address: Plaza de la República del Ecuador, 4. Telephone: 91 009 02 35.

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Grilled octopus taco with three chili adobo, in Mawey.
Grilled octopus taco with three chili adobo, in Mawey.

Mawey Taco Bar

The restaurant run by the restless chefs Fernando Carrasco and Julin Barros is one of the leading Mexicans in the capital. And, although in this house it is always the international taco day, they join the celebrations of March 31 with a whole gentleman signature dish: the Yucatecan octopus taco with a marinade of three chilies, which can be enjoyed all week (5.90 euros per unit). And, to continue with the pomp, the Thursday 1 I know how to serve a tasting menu (from 19 to 23 hours) with a starter; five tacos, some stars of this dining room (governor -the number 1- in blue corn tortilla; Butterfish Tikin Xic; Pastor; cochinita pibil and the aforementioned octopus taco), and three cocktails made with Herradura tequila. Price of the menu: 38 euros. Address: Olid, 6. Telfono: 91 011 71 03. / San Bernardo, 5. Telfono: 91 878 52 01.

One of Rega's tacos
One of Regaadientes tacos.


In this place, which opened its doors less than two years ago in the heart of the neighborhood of Las Salesas, what commands is market cuisine. Abel Martellotti (an experienced chef who worked at Zuberoa and Goizeko Wellington) is committed to a modern and urban mexican cuisine, based on the product, and in which, of course, there is no lack of studs. The tables of this space -inspired by Mexican cantinas, with a marble floor and bar- pass a remarkable taco proposal: from the classics of chicken tinga, cochinita pibil and Baja California to more personal tacos, What The madrileo (battered squid, txipis in its ink and black garlic aioli), the Pekn-Mex (duck, plum sauce, pasilla chili, cucumber and spring onion), the one with crunchy suckling pig and chilanga sauce, the one with sirloin tips and the one with zucchini with corn and cheese (each taco has two pieces). Prices: from 8 to 14 euros. Address: Admiral, 24. Telephone: 91 819 02 28.

Taco al pastor, in Santita.
Taco al pastor, in Santita.Santita


Traditional cuisine ibero-mexican. That is the gastronomic proposal of this restaurant of Grupo Con Fuego that opened its doors in 2019 and where the coal is one of its protagonists, also in their tacos. Now in their letter they have seven charcoal dishes: Canarian sirloin, cod with garlic, Rosarito, al pastor Santita, from chingn ibrico, from cochinita pibil and the chicken chidos (from 3.90 to 4.90 euros). And, for those who do not want to move from the sofa, its delivery offers the already famous Taqueos de Santita, different tacos accompanied by their perceptive corn tortillas, sauces, condiments and rice with beans. Address: Fuencarral, 74. Telephone: 91 496 53 70 / Virgen de los Peligros, 10. Telephone: 91 445 88 28.

One of the varieties cl
One of the classic varieties of Tacos Don Manolito.

Tacos Don Manolito

With this name there is little doubt about the proposal of this renowned Mexican chain that landed in Madrid less than a year ago. Authentic flavors, traditional recipes and secret sauces are the arguments they wield in Tacos Don Manolito, whose menu has some 20 taqueras varieties, which change according to the season. The offer ranges from classics such as the pastor to other new cuo, such as the calf (with green chicharrn, campechano, chopped onion, cuaresmeo chili …), although their hits are the Hearty (with jerky, sausage, chicharrn, with or without Don Manolito sauce. 3 euros) and the Costing (jerky, sausage, chicharrn, cuaresmeo chili and chopped onion. 3.20 euros). Address: Ponzano, 9. Telfono: 91 251 69 72.

Taco Baja California, in Tepic.
Taco Baja California, in Tepic.


Chef Sara Herrera flees Aztec typicals. And is that his restaurant is not a Mexican to use. Its cuisine is rooted in tradition, without fusions and made with authentic products (many difficult to find in Madrid). Authenticity that we also find in their tacos -some true classics of this dining room-, such as that of shepherd shrimp and that of cochinita pibil. The first is prepared with marinated marinated meat at home with a “secret” sauce and filleted by hand. After, the fillets are put on the top, where they are cooked slowly and acquire a unique smoky flavor, and a pineapple is placed on top of them which, with the heat, releases its juice and sweetness. The second taco also follows a traditional process: the meat is left in marinade overnight (in a mixture of achiote, orange, vinegar, spices and organo), then it is cooked over low heat in the oven and, at the end, it is presented in banana leaf with red onion pickled with vinegar and coriander and, apart, refried beans. But there is more, chicken tinga, mushroom, sirloin, governor, Baja California, carnitas … Price: from 18 euros. Address: Ayala, 14. Phone: 91 522 08 50.

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