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Egypt train accident death toll adjusted downwards: not 32 but 19 | NOW

The death toll from the major train collision in Eastern Egypt on Friday has been revised down. As far as is currently known, there are no 32 fatalities, but ‘only’ 19, the Egyptian health minister reports on Saturday. The number of injured people rose from 165 to 185.

It often happens that the numbers of victims are adjusted in the days after a disaster. Often the number of fatalities or injuries continues to rise, because it is not known immediately after the accident how many people were involved. Sometimes the numbers actually drop, because people who were listed as ‘deceased’ in the chaos still appear to be alive.

Incidentally, the current numbers (19 dead and 185 injured) are also not yet definitive. Not all seriously injured people are out of danger yet.

The accident took place north of the city of Sohag, 350 kilometers south of Cairo.

Collision by emergency brake trigger

The collision occurred after the emergency brake on one of the trains was pulled, according to the railway authorities. That train came to a stop and then the train was rammed from behind by another train. This is being investigated further. Images of the disaster show enormous havoc.

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Egypt has one of the oldest rail networks in the region. As a result, accidents with trains occur more often. Trains and the track are poorly maintained, and the training of drivers is not optimal. 2002 was the worst railway accident to date. More than 360 people died when a passenger train caught fire.

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