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Editorial: The position of CEO Yli-Viikari should be considered immediately – beauty services from the taxpayers’ peak is a serious reputational blow to the Audit Office – Editorial

On Monday, Tytti Yli-Viikari, Director General of the State Audit Office, will present a report on his expenses to the Council of Presidents in Parliament.

Sometimes you should do as you teach.

This will inevitably come to mind when following a discussion with the Director General of the National Audit Office (VTV). Tytti Yli-Viikarin kululaskutuksista.

Travel, beauty care, styling, restaurants – with tax money.

There is reason to wonder because the CEO is leading agency, which specifically monitors and controls the use of tax funds.

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The totals of the Director-General’s expenditure invoices are relevant because they provide citizens with an idea of ​​the Agency’s senior management’s role as controller of public expenditure. The agency’s reputation has already suffered a serious blow: it is difficult to blame others for the reckless use of tax funds, even when it seems to be washable in one’s own nest.

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Media has been reporting on Yli-Viikari’s expense bills for a long time.

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There have been surveys at least in Ilta-Sanomat, Iltalehti and Yle. In addition, the police are investigating the suspect in the official crime. Yli-Viikari vehemently denied on Saturday night in his statement that he had committed an official crime.

The Council of Speakers of Parliament will discuss with the Director General on Monday the Speaker Anu Vehviläinen (middle) leadership, the Parliamentary Audit Committee is also investigating the matter.

Why just now?

Shouldn’t this have been addressed earlier?

Is the resignation of the Parliamentary Bureau due to the fact that the next question is who then approved Yli-Viikari’s activities. Mining Councilor and Government Professional Jorma Eloranta reminded on Twitter – rightly so – that in companies, CEO bills are always approved by the company’s board. Yli-Viikari heads the agency, which operates in connection with Parliament.

The Director General’s expense billing cannot withstand all the light of day, but should the role of Parliament in the background of the agency be clarified in this context as well.

Hopefully, after Monday’s meeting, Vehviläinen will explain in full detail how and why Yli-Viikari’s bills ended up at the taxpayers’ peak. The CEO himself has not been willing to open it up.

Despite a police investigation, a media outcry, and a heated political debate, the CEO will continue in office. I have to remember that Katri Kulmuni (middle) buy due to the uproar over performance training acquired from the government with tax money last year.

Director general The case of Yli-Viikari is, in essence, a moral loss of the bureaucracy, which is a serious place for the justice of society and the equal treatment of citizens. An unemployed, laid-off or part-time worker living in financial scarcity may rightly ask whether the agency’s own salary would not be enough for beauty care without taxpayers ’input.

Consideration should therefore be given to suspending the Director-General for the duration of investigations and police investigations.

Reflection needs to be done sooner rather than later – for example, right on Monday.

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