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Edited documentary age limit reassessed – Lost Boys leaves Yle Areena due to K18 stamp – Entertainment

Yle originally classified the film as age limit K16. At a reduced age, the film could be shown on Yle Areena, where it was watched more than half a million times in 10 days.

Lost Boys documentary film will leave Yle Areena due to updated age rating, SF Studios informs.

Originally classified as K16, the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) has now decided to classify it as a K18 film, so it is not possible to present it in Yle Areena.

The modified version was shown on March 16 at Yle at 9.15 pm and has been on view at Yle Areena ever since. K18 movies will not be allowed on TV until after 11 p.m. The film has been viewed from the Arena more than 500,000 times.

The modified version was classified by YLE’s age rating classifier trained by KAVI. The new revision decision has been made by KAVI’s own age classification.

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From the original Lost Boys, which was released in a movie theater The film was later made into a version about seven minutes shorter by the production companies, with less imagery and dialogue related to drug use, as well as other material that the production company deemed potentially harassing. The assessments made by the production companies have also been based on the classification criteria prepared by KAVI.

The shortening decision was motivated by the desire to make a documentary on an important topic, which has been much debated, available to the widest possible audience, after it has already gathered a large audience in cinemas and other recording services.

The film has been viewed more than 500,000 times on Yle Areena.­

Producer of Lost Boys Miia Haavisto marvels at the decision of KAVI. According to him, the abbreviated version meets the anxiety criteria set by KAVI for the K16 film. He wonders whether the mere use of hard drugs as a topic is such that it deserves the K18 label.

– Why is it ok to offer drug-related content to young people from all different platforms as long as it is forged and often also embellished and thus specifically glorified? Why does the content become distressing and at the same time forbidden to young people when the film’s catalog rises from reality and tells about the right people, Haavisto asks.

Haavisto also points out that the abbreviated version has received the same anxiety age rating as Horror Movies, which eat people.

This is where the use of hard drugs really compares to us, he asks.

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