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Eddy de Pretto, megaphone for difference in his new album “To all the bastards”

Eddy de Pretto, opposite in 2019. (LIONEL VADAM / MAXPPP)

Eddy de Pretto is an author, composer, performer and actor. His first album Cure (2018) with titles Random, Normal and Kid which evoke his heartaches, masculinity, his homosexuality and hypervirility, propels him on the front of the stage. Friday March 26, he released his new album: AT all the bastards.

Elodie Suigo: To all the bastards, you have to dare anyway! Who are the bastards?

Eddy from Pretto: It started with a song that I wrote and which is very important to me in this album. Freaks talks a little bit about this weirdness, this bastardiness, this weirdness that I faced when I was in college, high school and even until my first album. And AT all the bastards precisely, that points the finger at that, it is how to reverse the direction of an insult?

Bastards are all those who feel on the margins, all those who feel next door, weird, different

Eddy from Pretto

to franceinfo

It is also a message that you pass on to those who are different. One way to encourage them?

The first album and all that it allowed me to undo, to deconstruct and to assume, I’m sure that for some too, it helped a lot and suddenly for me it was time to talk about it, to share that and take with me those who, potentially, feel outcast in this society and who need it to become a strength rather than a weakness for a lifetime.

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With the first album, you were very weakened, limit “embarrassed” of this growing success which exploded in your face. How did you experience it in hindsight? Was it too fast?

It took a little time and hindsight to have new things to say, a new relevance of speech, a tone and a writing which also pass a course but it seemed essential to me to digest all that.

Did you ever think of having that smile, frankly?

Being visible and in a positive, caring way has never been something very close to me. The first album helped me a lot to pass stages, hopefully the second too!

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There, we are indeed in a total evolution. There are keyboards, strings, you really enjoyed yourself and above all, we hear this voice. I have the impression that this is the first time that we really discovered her, this sung voice. Was it also a form of openness?

Yes, I wanted to take a vocal course. The first album was a little more tense, dense, fast, the words jostled. On this second album, I wanted to take a little more time and add a little more insolence, of dilettante and to say things in a way a little less “which is food”. I needed to sing, I started with singing actually so I needed to show as well and come and get myself.

What place does this voice occupy in your life?

I worked on it a lot and I love the fact that I can convey messages while singing.

This album is a reconciliation with you, all the same. There is a nod to Aunt Rosie, someone who has always been with you. We hear a voicemail message she left for you. We feel that you need this strong bond of the family, this support, his gaze.

For me, it was my Freak at the time. It was my oddity, the monster of the family a bit and all the exuberance, the freedom that she represented when we went to her place in Paris took me out of all the shackles I had to face H-24.

My Aunt Rosie inspired me, made me dream and made me believe that I could be whoever I wanted to be

Eddy from Pretto

to franceinfo

As a child, what were you dreaming about?

I was in my room and the view from my window was the Créteil Soleil shopping center with the 70s sign and behind, there was the beam of the Eiffel Tower shining, passing but in the distance, very far . It was my sight and it was all my dreams. It was hope, the conquest of Paris, the desire to sing, to share my life and not to sing only for my room and for my cuddly toys. I had dreams in my head.

The song Kid What does this course represent for you?

I am told about this song all the time. It is virility. He’s the guy who sings about abusive manhood. Things are evolving in particular thanks to this song of course. Our society is moving in that direction, in any case, I hope so. The road will always be as long as long as we teach our children that to be a boy is like that and to be a girl is like that. Yes, it will take a long time.

The song that closes the album is very clear Live it all. It really is a platform. We need to take our time, to get away from it all, especially to be able to go back up. Is that what you needed to do? Did you feel good?

I try to live things as intensely as possible and the Covid has been a little strange to experience them intensely. I was frozen for two months on my couch, sitting playing the console, and I lived it until the end of the thing! I played the game. I try things intensely, to see what that provokes in me. And for that, it takes time.

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