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Eddy de Pretto deciphers the double meanings of his songs “Sorry Caroline” and “The Zone”

INTERVIEW“To all the bastards”: this is the rallying cry chosen by Eddy de Pretto. This message to all those who feel out of step with social norms is the title of his second album, which he presents in Culture Media. The singer, who signs the texts of all his songs, explains in the show the hidden meanings of two of his new songs. To start with Sorry Caroline, ua song in which Eddy de Pretto, who regularly sings about his homosexuality, seems to address a girl he would have dated before asserting his sexual orientation.

Cocaine and “straight girl”

But the text of Sorry Caroline could also refer to cocaine, sometimes referred to using this feminine given name. In this title, Eddy de Pretto sings in particular: “You flattered all my demons, we dreamed a little too far, we found ourselves like two idiots, me who took you for brother”. And the doubt is even greater when discovering the clip, where the singer is caught in a snowstorm. A harmless white powder reminiscent of another much more dangerous.

“The notion of cocaine and the notion of heterosexual girl are there”, confirms Eddy de Pretto on Europe 1. “Playing with the lexical field of these two terms, with these two meanings, amuses me a lot in this work of double-meaning songs. “

Suburbs and “anal zone”

A writing game that the singer also had fun doing on The area, another song featured in this new album. “There is a double meaning which deals either with the fantasy of the suburbs, which could potentially be a little scary, or with the anal area which, too, could potentially be a little scary,” explains the singer.

“There is this double meaning where, in both cases, we wonder if we are going or not, if we fear it or if we do not fear it,” he adds. Eddy de Pretto does not specify if other tracks from his new album also contain this type of double meaning. What to let his fans go looking for them.

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