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economic support measures are expected to cost around 32 billion euros in 2021, the executive predicts

The Minister of Action and Public Accounts unveiled in an interview with AFP published on Friday the government’s economic forecasts for the coming year.
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The government has done its accounts. According to Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, the State should spend 32 billion euros to support the economy in 2021, faced with Covid-19, he said on Friday March 26 in an interview to AFP.

“We estimate (that the cost of the support measures) will exceed 30 billion euros, around 32 billion euros, with 18 billion for the solidarity fund, 11 billion for partial activity and around 3.5 to 4 billion euros for social security contribution exemptions “, detailed the minister. The year 2020 saw the debt and the public deficit reach levels not seen since the post-war period, unveiled INSEE on Friday.

For the minister, the deficit figure is “encouraging” car “it is less important than what we imagined during the vote on the last amending finance bill for 2020 and the finance law for 2021.” “The forecast which was ours was at 11.3%, but the maintenance of activity at a higher level than expected and tax revenues higher than expected too, mean that the public deficit in 2020 stands at 9 , 2%. This represents an amount of 211.5 billion euros. “

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