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echoes of books gleaned by Anne-Marie Revol

The writer who hides behind her four personal photos this week writes as she would paint. Nathalie Iris, bookseller at La Garenne-Colombes, was touched by Olivier Adam’s latest novel, everything can be forgotten. While on the web, the bookstagramers were unanimously carried away by the last Bussi!

One last quiz for the road!

The author who recounts herself this week in four photos, is a professor of Letters in a Parisian college. Born – as she likes to repeat – in “a family of peasants”, she is from the highlands of Cantal, a country where she lived until she was 18 years old. Moreover, most of his works are decorated in Aurillac and its surroundings. After several editors’ refusals, she published her first novel at the age of 34 and received the Renaudot for it from high school students who had a hollow nose! His latest novel, crowned this fall by Renaudot-tout-court (!) Unfolds over a hundred years between Figeac, Aurillac and Paris. It tells the story of a son raised by two mothers but… without a father. A journey in itself that must be taken.

Nathalie Iris “fell under the spell” of Olivier Adam …

The hero of everything can be forgotten, Olivier Adam’s latest novel, published by Flammarion, is called Nathan. He runs a cinema in Brittany and has a passion for Japan. Besides, he is going to marry Jun, a Japanese woman he met during a trip to the land of the rising sun. And they are going to have a child together. “Everything seems to be going very well until one day Jun disappears with their boy”, explains, Nathalie Iris, the bookseller of Mots en Marge, at Garenne-colombes. After some quick research Nathan understands that in Japan “the mother has absolutely all the rights” and that getting her son back will not be as easy as expected. “A novel as usual very deep in the characters and which poses a real problem for society.” Tempted?

Michel Bussi the king of the “virtuoso twist”!

Instagrammers once again praised the latest Bussi, Nothing erases you published by the Presses de la Cité editions. Tom, “Maddi’s son disappeared one day at the beach. Ten years later in the same place, she meets a child who bears all the physical resemblances”, summarizes @time_for_hanae. Maddi then has only one idea in mind, to find out who this boy is. His name is Tom, lives in Auvergne and she decides to settle there. “Among all the author’s novels that I have had the opportunity to read (…) Nothing erases you is my favorite “ swear @littleprettybooks. Go ahead with your eyes closed: this Bussi is a premier cru …

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