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Earth Hour turns off the lights again on buildings and monuments around the world


During the hour of darkness, the WWF is broadcasting program hosted by Jacob Petrus. More than 100 companies have joined the action

The Puerta de Alcal, tonight, off.BallesterosEFE
Has already started earth hour, in which monuments from all over the world, company headquarters, shops and private homes are left in the dark. Like every March 27 since 2007, it will not be about a global problem, but rather about the search for a solution for another. The hour of the Earth returns, one more year, to use the darkness to put the focus on nature.

Between 20:30 and 21:30, when this event is being held, images are already arriving from Mosc, Islamabad or Pars. In Spain,several municipalities have joined, as well as more than a hundred companies.

“We want to draw attention to how important it is to contact nature,” he explains Luis Surez, conservation coordinator of WWF Spain. This, he assures, “has to protect us from future pandemics” and, in any case, the fight “against climate change” depends precisely on their health.

The seat of the Government in Islamabad, Pakist
The seat of the Government in Islamabad, Pakistan.SOHAIL SHAHZADEFE
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During the hour of darkness, the organization is broadcasting on its YouTube channel a special program hosted by Jacob Petrus in which, according to their website, “I will take a tour of the most amazing landscapes on the planet and of Spanish geography” in which WWF works.

Together, in this global blackout participate more than 370 municipalities and 250 companies. “It gives us an idea of ​​the commitment of society in this act.”

This year, the coordinator regrets, awareness-raising is especially important. The pandemic has been “a challenge” from the point of view of garbage generation: “if we can’t go out to eat, they bring our food home, with which there is an overdose of packaging and plastic,” Surez argues.

The Kremlin, in Moscow
The Kremlin, in Moscow, before and after shutting down.MAXIM SHIPENKOVEFE
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To this must be added the masks, a new ubiquitous residue that has quickly become collateral damage from the pandemic. “The masks thrown on the street will end up where they shouldn’t, which is in the seas.” Thus, the light will also be turned off for them.

“The pandemic”, reflects Surez, “has made us reflect on the great interrelation that exists between our health and the health of nature, of the planet. “In fact, remember that” the destruction and alteration of natural balances “and” species trafficking “are two elements that are, in a way, related to the virus.

This means that, in his opinion, one more reason has been added to the reasons that already make it important to take care of the planet, “the element of health” that will be present in all the blackouts of this hour of the planet.

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