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Dubai Criminal Court rejects early release of Khayat for the second time – local – accidents and cases – courts

The Dubai Criminal Court rejected, for the second time, a request for early release, submitted by an (Asian) tailor convicted of premeditated murder and theft, and sentenced to life imprisonment with other accused, after spending nearly 18 years in the central prison in Dubai.

The same defendant submitted a request in 2018, seeking pardon from the court, and granting him early release after spending more than 15 years in prison, which is the period specified by law to request early release by those sentenced to life imprisonment, and the court rejected the request at the time.

According to the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office, the crime (vehicle) occurred in April of 2003, when three persons from two Asian countries attacked the victim, and one of them took over the process of surveillance, while another hit him with a hard object on the head, then the third stabbed him in the chest, arms and neck, which led to He died, and they stole his mobile phones, 300 dirhams, and his bank card, with which they later withdrew 5500 dirhams, which they shared between them.

A Dubai police witness said that the relatives of the victim told the police after the occurrence of the crime that an unknown person had withdrawn cash from the victim’s account, using his bank card, so the surveillance cameras were referred to in the ATM room, and the accused (the owner of the request for early release) was seen carrying out the withdrawal process. He was arrested.

In his pocket, he found the victim’s ATM card, and facing him, he admitted that the other accused had offered to rob him of the shop in which the victim worked, provided that he would take over the task of monitoring the place until they carried out the crime, and then stop a taxi for them to flee.

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The defendant said that he agreed to the offer and fulfilled the requirement, and after they left the crime scene, they went to a cinema in the Deira area, and one of the accused gave him 100 dirhams, while the other handed him the victim’s bank card, while they took the latter’s phone and left the place.

The Public Prosecution’s investigations revealed strange turns in this case, as the Dubai Police began pursuing the other accused, and it turned out that they had left the country, but the strange thing was that one of them decided to return to the state three months after committing the crime, believing that it had not been discovered and that he had escaped his crime. He was arrested upon arrival at Dubai airport.

When asked about the incident, he narrated that he entered with the third accused fugitive to the place of the victim, while the first waited outside the shop to take over the task of surveillance, pointing out that he carried a plastic tube and hit the dead man on the head, while the fugitive accused stabbed him in the neck, and stole the things they found in addition to To two mobile phones, they fled outside the country until he decided to return and was arrested.

The first chapter of the case ended with the commencement of the trial of the two defendants who were arrested in presence and the third in absentia, and all were sentenced to life imprisonment about a year after the incident, which was interrupted by several actions, represented in the arrested accused using the victim’s card to withdraw money, without realizing that this would lead He was arrested, and the second accused returned to the country after three months after he was able to escape.

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As for the third defendant, who escaped and stayed in his country for about 14 years, before deciding to return again to the UAE, believing that he had escaped punishment, without realizing that justice was awaiting him, he was arrested at the airport upon his arrival, and he was arrested to join his two partners in the crime to prison.

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