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Drivers preoccupation with “communication means” obstructs traffic – localities – accidents and issues

Drivers spotted drivers busy browsing social media sites and responding to WhatsApp conversations while driving, which caused traffic in front of vehicles coming from the back to be obstructed, the vehicle deviated from its lane, and was driving at a slow speed.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the dangers of being busy other than the road, as it leads to sudden deviation due to using the phone to surf the Internet, social media, or make a call, or take pictures, and other behaviors that may lead to accidents. Fines for causing an accident due to delinquency amount to 6000 dirhams.

In detail, drivers told “Emirates Today” that they had noticed drivers were busy with their phones while driving, as they were driving their vehicles at slow speeds, which would disrupt the movement of vehicles behind them, in addition to delayed movement of their vehicles at traffic intersections due to lack of attention to open the green light. Demanding to tighten traffic control procedures against this group.

The citizen (Abu Dhiab) said that there are drivers who do not give importance to their safety and the safety of road users, and they are busy with phones while driving, whether in following up on social media or having a written conversation via WhatsApp, adding that he has detected some of these violations, which make drivers unconventional Mindful of road surprises.

Muhammad Othman supported him, saying that he felt upset when he drove his vehicle, in front of him a vehicle traveling at a very slow speed, and when he passed it, he discovered that its driver was busy with the phone, and talking on social media applications, calling for increased awareness of the danger of these behaviors.

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Hazem Muhammad stated that he had, more than once at traffic intersections, to use the alarm or lighting machine, to alert vehicles in front of him to move after the traffic light was opened, as their drivers were busy with their phones without taking into account those behind them, stressing the importance of tightening procedures for controlling phone occupancy violations, to reduce these The phenomenon that endangers the lives of drivers.

It is noteworthy that the violation of being distracted from the road while driving in any form was 800 dirhams, and four traffic points, while Law No. (5) of 2020, regarding the seizure of vehicles in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the violation of causing an accident due to sudden deviation, as 1000 dirhams, and four traffic points, The financial value of removing the vehicle’s seizure is 5000 dirhams, provided that the vehicle is seized until the financial value of the dismantling of the reservation is paid, and for a maximum period of three months.

Abu Dhabi Police recorded 30,600 traffic violations last year, explaining that it is classified among the serious violations, which lead to deaths and serious injuries on the roads in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, according to statistics and analytical studies of accidents and traffic violations, stressing the importance of focusing on driving and monitoring the road To avoid vehicle deflection.

Lack of attention to the road

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Finally, Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Follow-up and Control Center, and within the “Safety Path” campaign, and the “Punch to Comment” initiative, broadcast a video of a traffic accident, due to preoccupation with other than the road.

She indicated that there are a number of main reasons for the violation, including the driver’s use of the phone to browse the Internet and social networking sites, or make a call, or take pictures, eat and drink, and women preoccupied with wearing make-up, men arranging clothes, adjusting radios, and the driver turned to speak to His companions, and other distractions that may lead to dire consequences, the danger of which is causing traffic accidents, as a result of lack of attention to the road while driving.

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