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Drawing: Plantu bows out


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N. Lemarignier, A. Zouioueche, P. Miette

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The designer Plantu puts an end to 50 years spent illustrating current events. He left the editorial staff of the newspaper “Le Monde” on Wednesday March 31st. Review of his career.
For 50 years, the press illustrator, Plantu, has found the right line to make us smile. His career began in the newspaper The world, in 1972. He was then 21 years old. In his first drawings, he worries about the fate of poor countries. “It gave me an openness to the whole world, to cultures, to religions, to opinions. I, who missed my studies, allowed me to catch up with everything I didn’t know”, he says. Since 1985, Plantu has been offering daily headlines every day.

In 1991, Plantu even became a diplomat with Yasser Arafat. He has her draw the Israeli flag alongside the Palestinian flag. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres will also sign the drawing. “One day there will be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and this drawing will be in a peace museum”, rejoices the designer. Plantu’s dove, a drawing that has become a signature, will leave the editorial staff of the World Wednesday March 31. It is the collective “Cartoonig for Peace”, understand “Draw for peace”, which will take over on the front page of the newspaper.

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