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Donald Trump’s orphan media


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Officially taking office since January 20, 2021, Joe Biden waited until Thursday, March 25 to indulge in the ritual of the press conference at the White House. An attitude that contrasts with the omnipresence of Donald Trump in the media, which made the audiences of American channels soar.

President in office since January 20, 2021, Joe Biden held his first press conference, without particular controversy, at the White House (United States), Thursday, March 25. Over the past four years, Donald Trump has rocked the media every day with his shattering statements. For example, he had promised that the Covid-19 would disappear as if by a miracle. The former president, on the other hand, got it right on one thing: “If anyone other than me is elected president, media audiences will collapse“, he had declared.

The media have suffered a spectacular fall since his departure: up to 44% for CNN. The same goes for the written press sites. Journalists on television agree that Donald Trump was their best seller. “Remember Trump is from the world of reality TV. (…) He was able to create this universe of permanent chaos“, analyzes Eric Boehlert, political consultant for MSNBC News. If Donald Trump has always wanted to start his own media empire,”for now, observers note that he mostly spends most of his time playing gold in Florida“, concludes Loic de La Mornais, correspondent for France Televisions in Washington.

Study on the drop in media audiences and in particular CNN, carried out by its competitor Fox News, based on data from the Nielsen media research institute

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The political consultant interviewed: Éric Boehlert

Founder of

Consultant sur MSNBC

Twitter : @EricBoehlert

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