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Donald Trump launches an official website for his supporters and praises his record

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                Former US President Donald Trump announced on Monday March 29 that he had launched a new website.  With a double objective: to maintain contact with his supporters and to defend his record at the White House.

                                    <p>Sure <strong></strong>, the official site launched by Donald and Mélania Trump, praise is not lacking.  Intended to maintain contact with his supporters, the former US president also uses this site to promote his record after four years in the White House.

From the home page, you can see photos of Donald Trump accompanied by Mélania and other political and military personalities. We can also read the ambitions of 45e president of United States : « Preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump administration, while trying to advance the America First agenda ».

An opportunity for the former head of state to highlight what he presented as his greatest successes, such as border security, the strengthening of NATO or even international alliances. All this without however addressing the scandals, nor the investigations for corruption and nor impeachment procedures who heckled his mandate.

Like Barack Obama

This website can be a way for Donald Trump to maintain the link with his supporters, he who was banned from several social networks, including Twitter, a platform he favored for intensive communication, notes the site Axios.

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The method is, however, far from unprecedented. The other ex-presidents are no strangers to the creation of laudatory website, recalls Forbes. Barack Obama also has his own, on which he boasts of having in particular ” ushered in a stronger economy, a more equal society, a nation that is more secure at home and more respected in the world ».

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