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Does everyday life feel especially sticky right now? Pandemic brains are just the right phenomenon – 3 characters you recognize – Good mood

If your mind is foggy and your sense of time is lost, your kitchen psychological diagnosis may carry the name pandemic brain.

Believe it or not – it has been a year since the whole of Finland moved into a strange, in many ways difficult life during the pandemic.

Already a year? Feels more like yesterday. For some people, time passed again feels like an eternity. Both feelings are normal, as pandemic life, according to experts, has been caused by a drastic blurring of our time.

During the home year, much more has happened in our brains. The pandemic is still very young to produce peer-reviewed studies of its effects on cognitive function, but you may still have made such observations inside your head:

1. Blurred sense of time

Almost all of us have given up on daily routines: make-up, a morning commute, lunch moments with colleagues, and hobbies after work. But it is precisely these things and significant events that help to perceive the days, weeks, and seasons.

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– When we stop moving physically, psychologically it feels like time has also stopped, psychology Alison Holman explain the phenomenon Refinery29:lle.

An association between stress and loss of time has also been observed.

– When we face a threat, people naturally focus on the present to deal with it. At the same time, the perception of the world is narrowing: we don’t think about things from the past or what we do in the future.

I am waiting for Mika Salminen’s declaration that the pandemic is over.­

2. Do you forget things?

Pandemic brains are a real phenomenon – or so it feels. The mind can feel foggy and things are forgotten. In the English-language media, feelings are described by the term hitting a (pandemic) wall – freely translated to run towards the wall.

Behind this feeling, too, is the long-lasting stress. The fact that life is reminiscent of the intricacies of a Sims character doesn’t make the brain any easier: you perform monotonous routines from day to day. Neuroscientist Tina Franklin says The Atlanticin in the story that prolonged boredom is actually remarkably stressful.

Stress does not necessarily have symptoms dramatically, but can only feel like a slight stickiness in everyday life.

We all go through some kind of mild cognitive failure, neurotieteilijä Mike Yassa describes in the same story of The Atlantic.

According to him, two things in particular have been studied to be good for the brain: physical activity and new stimuli. A very bad thing is chronic and constant stress.

On the other hand, the story reminds us that forgetting is also an inherent means of survival for our species. The brain tries to keep the essentials in mind and learn new things, but also to forget the irrelevant quickly. If you want to look at it optimistically, it is one sign of resilience, that is, mental resilience.

– Right now, it’s just about survival, not prosperity. No one is at his best now, the psychologist interviewed in the story Rachel Kowert resemble.

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3. You don’t get anything done

Even the slightest effort feels heavy, and recovery can take longer than usual. Normally, pleasurable things don’t feel right anywhere. Does it sound familiar?

A long-lasting exception sheet is likely to cause depression. When prolonged, it can even lead to depression. Normal low alertness is distinguished from depression by its duration, the Psychotherapist Emilia Kujala said previously To Ilta-Sanomat.

– In depression, the basic mood is depressed for a long time and there is a negative perception of oneself, others and the world, Kujala said.

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