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Doctors Without Borders denounces executions of civilians in Tigray

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                The NGO Médecins Sans Frontières says it witnessed the summary executions of Tigrayan civilians on Tuesday March 23 by Ethiopian soldiers.  In the Tigray region, the Tigray People's Liberation Front and Ethiopian forces and Eritrean forces have been clashing since November 2020.

                                    <p>The facts happened on Tuesday March 23, reports the humanitarian association.  On the road between Mékélé, the capital of Tigré, and Adigrat.  The vehicle of the three MSF members was stopped by the Ethiopian soldiers who then stopped two public transport minibuses to get the passengers out.

The soldiers let the women go and shoot the men. They then attack the driver of the three aid workers, threaten him with death, beat him with butts, and finally let the vehicle and its occupants go.

Abiy Ahmed came out of his silence on Tuesday

That same day, the Ethiopian Prime Minister had recognized that there was ” damage in the Tigray region “, In the grip of a conflict between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, opposed to the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies, since November 2020.” Reports indicate that there have been rapes and looting of properties », Continued Abiy Ahmed.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister also admitted, after months of denials, the presence in Tigray of Eritrean soldiers, recently singled out by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission for the murder of 100 civilians in November 2020.

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But the chief executive in Addis Ababa had not clearly identified the responsibility of Ethiopian troops for crimes against civilians in Tigray. Crimes of which the NGO Médecins sans Frontières has just been a direct witness.

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