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Doctors warn diabetic patients of complications from “Corona” – local – health

Specialized doctors stressed the need for diabetics to follow specific measures to prevent infection with the Coronavirus, or to reduce its risks in the event of infection with it, stressing that more than 40% of Corona deaths in the country were patients with this disease.

The most important measures are to continuously monitor the blood sugar level, control it with medication, work remotely for the groups most at risk of disease, and adhere to a healthy lifestyle that enhances the work of the immune system.

In detail, the consultant endocrinology and diabetes, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Madani emphasized, “There is no conclusive scientific evidence that diabetics are more susceptible than others to infection with (Covid-19), but the problem lies in the complications that may exist in this category of patients in case Infection with the virus, the blood sugar level may rise or fall, and the patient may be exposed to dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea associated with the disease, in addition to complications related to the virus itself.

He continued: “The frequency of dangerous complications, such as heart attacks and respiratory failure, is increasing, which explains the high mortality rate among diabetic patients with the virus, noting that official statistics indicate that more than 40% of Corona deaths in the country are people with diabetes,” pointing out. To the need for diabetics to pay attention to balanced food, personal hygiene, exercise at home, monitor blood sugar levels constantly, take stress and heart medications, if any, and stop smoking.

He also called on the diabetic patient to stay at home, not go out unless necessary, stay away from crowded places, adhere to wearing gloves and a medical mask, not to mix or touch anything, wash hands well, and avoid touching the face.

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He mentioned that if a person is infected with “Corona”, he must first check the sugar level, at least five times a day, to make sure that it is at the normal level, and if the sugar drops to a level less than 70 milligrams, then he must speed up consuming some sweetened drinks, or A simple amount of honey, to raise the sugar level, but if the sugar level is more than 300 milligrams, he must make sure that he is not infected with the virus, and drink a large amount of fluids.

He stressed the need for coordination with the employer, so that the diabetic patient works remotely, to avoid mixing, and notify the treating doctor of any changes in his health, or the emergence of difficulty breathing or abdominal pain, or the high sugar level above the specified rates, and not being able to lower it.

The consultant endocrinologist and diabetes, Dr. Nawal Al-Mutawa, stressed the need for continuous home monitoring of blood sugar level, accurate recording and monitoring of readings, commitment to eating healthy food, and access to home health care in particular, to strengthen the immune system in the face of disease.

She said, “It is likely that patients with type 2 diabetes will suffer dangerous complications, in the event of infection with the Corona virus, and a large number of them enter intensive care units, and the length of stay, in addition to the possibility of death,” noting that there are limited data that assess the risks of the disease. Severe, severe death, in patients with type 1 diabetes.

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And she continued, “Covid-19” infection leads to severe symptoms of diabetic patients, including diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycemia, and severe insulin resistance.

And she called on patients to avoid excessive high blood sugar, and to avoid its deficiency.

She emphasized that insulin is the preferred treatment for high blood sugar in patients suffering from “Covid-19” in moderate and severe cases, explaining that the need for type 2 diabetes patients for treatment with insulin may be temporary, while type 1 diabetes patients need it at all times, Whether they eat or not, to prevent ketoacidosis.

A consultant diabetes and endocrinologist, Dr. Muhammad Hassanein, stressed that diabetics must adhere to measures to prevent the Corona virus.

He mentioned that high blood sugar is one of the factors that trigger respiratory and pulmonary infections, which may prompt the patient to take cortisone drugs, which in turn cause problems for a diabetic patient, stressing the need to constantly control blood sugar levels and monitor them, to prevent the patient from entering the dangerous stage. .

He stressed the need to pay attention to the general health of a diabetic, by following a healthy lifestyle, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and salts, and moving away from habits that negatively affect the immune system.

• 40 of the Corona deaths in the country are diabetic.

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