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Do you think you are good at getting off the bills? Try to be able to calculate all 12 tasks without a calculator in this math test – Free

Put your brain to work and test how well you cope with the We Women summation test.

What kind of math head do you have? Did you do great in school math classes, or at least pretty well, or was the math just as much of a pain for you?

There are many beliefs and prejudices associated with mathematics. One is that for some people, math simply doesn’t work. We Women interviewed by a mathematician Pauliina Ilmonen in our previous story, that attitudes related to mathematics are learned at a young age.

– If a child does not know mathematics, it is mostly because he or she has not practiced. Imagine learning languages ​​through practice, but either realizes math or not. No. From the back it is closed.

So! Math is worth practicing. Headaches in particular are the best brain teasers.

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Many may imagine that head counting skills are not needed these days, as the calculator can be found in every pocket, i.e. mobile phone. The fact is, however, that you need to do the basic skills in everyday life. Simple plus calculations, multiplications and percentages have to be done surprisingly often without even thinking about it.

Test how well you can handle totals without a calculator! (And then don’t secretly use a calculator, you bastard, too.)

If the test does not appear above, you can do so from here.

The story was previously published on Me Naisten’s website in May 2020.

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