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Do you dream of well-groomed, rich corners? 4 tricks to get the most out of your own eyebrows – Style

Moisturizing the corners and avoiding tweezers will make the eyebrows grow to their full glory. With these tips, you will make your corners look beautiful and rich.

1. Eyebrows like cousins

Remember that eyebrows are not twins or necessarily even sisters to each other. No one’s corners are completely symmetrical to each other, which is good to keep in mind when plucking them: if you try to force the corners into exactly the same mold, the end result can be much thinner eyebrows than desired.

Plucking can hardly ever be completely painless, but with wide-headed tweezers, plucking in the direction of hair growth is as pleasant as possible. Tweezers grab the hair close to the base and the hair cannot break in the middle.

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2. Try angle wax

Maintaining the corners does not necessarily involve plucking at all.

If the hairs are laid in several different directions after dreams, try tapping them with an angle wax or –with soap.

The wax gives the thick corners a well-groomed look and brings the scattered hairs in line with the rest of the angle, thus curbing the craving for tweezers.

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3. Moisten the corners

This may not come to mind often, but there is also skin under the eyebrows that enjoys regular hydration. If the skin is allowed to dry properly, it can result in scaly skin that collapses on the eyebrows.

The same cream that is used elsewhere on the face or separately for the corners is suitable for moisturizing. Moisture also strengthens the eyebrows themselves and prevents them from breaking: this allows the hair to grow to its full size and make the eyebrows look thicker.

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4. Format carefully

It is a good idea to reshape the angle or find a shape that suits you from a bushy, completely natural angle.

When you pinch the wood yourself, it becomes frighteningly easily blind and the corners quickly become overcooked. Of course, plucking a few scattered hairs from here to here is perfectly permissible, but plucking very hard, especially from under the eyebrows, can result in the shape of the arch of the eyebrow disappearing.

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