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Do you also admire Maija Vilkumaa’s make-up at The Voice of Finland? The makeup artist in the program reveals the tricks he used – Style

When the skin is able to cleanse and moisturize properly, it also affects the make-up, says Laura Rantaniemi, make-up artist from The Voice of Finland. In makeup, you shouldn’t forget blush, and the glitter on the lower eyelid works wonders.

I find myself watching Maija Vilkkumaan makeup from one weekend to the next The Voice of Finland. The skin of Vilkumamaa, who works as a coach in the singing competition, looks glowing, his eyes sparkle and there is always some new little detail in his make-up that is lovely.

What tricks does a star makeup artist use?

“Moisture, moisturize, moisturize”

– I always pay a lot of attention to skin care and cleansing products, Vilkkumaa and other program coaches Laura Rantaniemi tells by phone.

If the skin doesn’t moisturize, the makeup can’t look good, she reminds. Careful but gentle makeup cleansing is also important.

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– I have acquired coaches cleaning products, to remind and emphasize facial cream moisturizing, hydrating and moisturizing.

The professional prefers creamy cleaning products and cleansing milks. They keep the skin moist and gently remove makeup.

– The cleaning cloths are quite nice and convenient, for example, when traveling, but I would invest in cleaning the face at home. Cleansing milk or cream can be used even twice to make sure all the makeup is removed.

Moisturize the skin more, urges a professional. Good cleansing, exfoliation, serum and regularly used moisturizing masks keep the skin moist.­

The make-up and hair artist often directs himself to the cosmetics department of a regular market.

– I choose a properly moisturizing rather than, say, anti-age cream. Humidity is the starting point for everything. For example, Maija I have recommended for the duration of the filming of disposable cloth moisturizing masks, which can be used after cleansing in the evening before face cream. You can get them from Market.

– People also use peels! They get a dead skin cell off the surface of the skin, Rantaniemi says.

Blush works wonders

The keywords for make-up cream are thin, opaque and moisturizing for Rantaniemi. Chanel’s make-up cream and Lumene’s and It Cosmetics’ CC make-up creams will be mentioned as favorite products.

– Make-up cream doesn’t have to be the most expensive in the world. As long as it has enough opacity. The make-up cream can be applied thinly with fingers, for example.

Eyelids and eyelids Rantaniemi make-up with concealer. Blush brings vitality and radiance to the face.

– No matter how tired or of any age, when you put on make-up cream and blush, it always looks immediately healthy and bright.

No matter how tired or of any age, blush makes your skin look instantly healthy and radiant.­

Ne kissarajaukset

In eye make-up, you can go a long way with two steps.

– When you put trimmings and mascara, you already get a lot of makeup. Personally, though, I always say that the bottom and corners need to be in order. Then the skin is smooth and the eyebrows create frames for the face.

A professional will give you one instruction on how to make cat shelters: Practice.

– It’s hard, but you can learn it. In fact, I’ve been doing this work for 21 years, and little by little they begin to be held. I often make trimmings for myself with a marker and for clients with a gel-like liner.

Rantaniemi says that Vilkkumaa likes cat-like eye contours, and with them the make-up artist can get his make-up done immediately.

Glitter on the lower eyelid makes the eyes look wonderfully moist.­

In The Voice of Finland in Vilkkumaa, glitter on the lower eyelids is seen several times.

– Usually the make-up is put on a much moving eyelid, ie up, but the glitter on the lower eyelid makes the eyes look wonderfully moist, Rantaniemi says.

– By the way, I also encourage you to make up your lower eyelid. My clients are often afraid of the panda effect or distraction, but makeup on the lower eyelid looks great. Without lower eyelid eyeshadow, eye makeup can be a little loud. The shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner doesn’t have to be strong, it can be light as long as you go through the lower eyelid somewhere.

“My clients are often afraid of the panda effect or distractions, but makeup on the lower eyelid looks great. Without the eyeshadow on the lower eyelid, eye makeup can be a little loud, ”says Laura Rantaniemi.­

Try these

Laura Rantaniemi’s credit products include the natural cosmetics brand Weledan Skin Food creams. They give the face proper moisture. Weleda Skin Food all-purpose cream, 11,90 € / 75 ml.

The natural cosmetics brand Mossaa Rantaniemi goes shopping from a nearby hypermarket. The label includes, for example, cleansing milk, Mossa Juicy Clean Purifying Crème-Mousse, 11,90 € / 190 ml.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua is Rantaniemi’s favorite make-up cream at work, about 50 €. Also Lumenen CC Colour Correcting Meikkivoide, € 17.90, and It Cosmeticsin Your Skin But Better CC+ makeup cream, € 39.50, can be found in the make-up kit.

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