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Do the proposed movement restrictions destroy the hottest season of garden stores? Oa customers are already preparing for closures and anticipate – Finland

You will have to wait in companies, but the doors may be closed. The online store helps to save the spring season. Customers are annoyed but understanding.

Yard and garden products as well as shops selling plants have a waiting atmosphere. The spring season is turning its hottest, but there are no guarantees of opening conditions. The Plantagen in Tamantaa, Vantaa, and the Flower House in Sofianlehto, Helsinki, are expected to be instructed by the authorities, but in the worst case, the season will be stagnant and some of the flowers will have to be thrown in the trash. Some customers also say that they are preparing for the possible closure of stores.

Restrictions on movement planned by the government would hit the specialty store: stores would be allowed to keep their doors open, but customers would not be allowed to go to the specialty store.

During the restrictions on movement in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Turku, only essential supplies, such as food, should be available in shops. On the other hand, in connection with food purchases, garden products, for example, should be picked up from the same store. Instead, the customer should not go to a specialty store focusing on garden products, as a visit to such a store is not necessary.

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Magen Inberg, Chief Operating Officer of Plantagen, in Tammisto, Plantagen.­

Plantagenin operational Manager Minna Inberg emphasizes that it is not yet possible to determine whether or not Plantagenes will close. Currently, the chain selling yard plants and horticultural products is awaiting a government decision and plans to serve at least until Easter in the normal way.

– There is still a chance that the number of infections will decrease and there will be no restrictions on movement, Inberg says.

However, he admits that at worst, travel restrictions hit the hottest spring season and show up in customer numbers. For the second year in a row, there is a yard boom that threatens to stay in the barrel this year.

After all, there is still the possibility that the number of infections will decrease and there will be no restrictions on movement.

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Inberg points out, however, that the chain has an online store where you can buy all the products you can find in the market.

– We have invested in online shopping and will continue to invest in it.

Inberg believes that some customers are preparing for the closure of stores and buying garden products in stock, but it is too early to talk about the actual hoarding.

In Plantagen, the most popular products are related to horticulture. Among other things, the planting of tomatoes is of interest to Finns.

Cut flowers in the Sophia flower shop.­

Sofianlehdon Flower house entrepreneur Jonna Kujansuu has been a garden store entrepreneur for a year. In practice, therefore, he has not yet seen a normal time as an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, the impact of any movement restrictions on the transaction is worrying. At least one customer has already inquired about how the store will be open after Easter.

– We can’t know how customers react. Will they come to us during the restrictions or not? You can’t know that, Kujansuu ponders.

He says he has already considered whether the deal makes sense to be on call or not. If there are almost no customers, the store closes its doors. Even during the exceptional period, it is possible for Sofianlehto Flower House to continue its operations, for example by home delivery.

A possible closure will also hit the selections. Kujansuu cannot say the number of pansies that will be available soon, as due to uncertainty he has not been able to order them in the normal way. Some cut flowers, on the other hand, end up in the trash, as they don’t last more than three weeks beyond movement restrictions.

Jonna Kujansuu, an entrepreneur in Sofia’s flower shop, talked to customer Suvi Korhonen.­

Also customers are worried. Doing business at Sofianlehto Flower House Suvi Korhonen is charmed by noble buttercups. The beautiful seasonal flower that was once displaced by the rose is Korhonen’s favorite flower, but it cannot be found in normal supermarkets.

– I would like to restore the appreciation of the noble woman. It is annoying, of course, if, due to restrictions, the noble season passes, Korhonen says.

He otherwise says he is a friend of supermarket flowers and buys flowers mainly for his friends. Thus, restrictions on movement and a possible closure of florists would not annoy Korho any more, even if the position of entrepreneurs is considered.

The anonymous florist in Plantagen says she got her yard in order last year.

– If such restrictions had come last year, then it would have been a bigger pity. Now it doesn’t really hurt, the flowers in my yard are perennial, he says.

However, he says he finds it annoying, albeit understandable, if Specialty Stores have to close. For example, pansies are not currently available in supermarkets.

I have anticipated and ordered the online shop of plants and rhizomes with a view to possible closure

Apply for daffodils from Plantagen Henna Poikonen says he is prepared for the closure of garden shops.

– I anticipated and ordered the online shop of plants and rhizomes possible closing of the mind, Poikonen says.

He says he understands that garden shops, for example, should not be accessed during movement restrictions. Poikonen points out that last year a lot was invested in the yards, which even caused congestion in the garden shops. According to the boy, it is understandable that similar congestion is to be avoided.

– Of course, this is really unfortunate for entrepreneurs.

Henna Poikonen went shopping at Plantage Tammisto.­

Provided restrictions on movement would come into force, for example, flowers and garden products could also be bought from car markets in connection with food purchases.

For the time being, Kesko does not intend to make any game movements regarding restrictions.

– We see that it is still too early to assess the impact of movement restrictions on individual product groups, Emma Lammela Kesko reports on communications.

He reminds that, for example, K-Rauda’s yard products can still be ordered online, even if you are not allowed to stop by the stores.

With regard to K-Citymarkets, there are no plans to increase the range of yard products and flowers, at least for the time being.

– In the grocery store, we will continue in the normal operating model, ie flower products are normally part of the grocery store’s selections, so it is easy to buy them when shopping for food.

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