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discovering Venice, through the screen


Video length: 2 min.

France 3

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A. Mikoczy, L. Tositti, M. Chiarello, A. Donadini

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France 3

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While the city of Venice (Italy) is closed to visitors due to the epidemic, tourist guides and the city are trying to reinvent itself. Objective: to continue to attract tourists, even from a distance.
Take the canals of Venice (Italy) in a privatized gondola, it is currently possible, from your sofa! It is the proposal of a tourist guide of the “Sérénissime”. On its website, you can even choose which route to take. Through the screen, he delivers his impressions of the places visited. Luisella Romeo, a tourist guide for over 20 years, has also had to reinvent her tours. She walks through the city and films a route, again chosen by a visitor from a distance.

Forbidden to visitors, the city of Venice tries to stay “alive”, in the imagination of spectators, on the internet. “We decided to still give some spooky moments to give hope to start again next year.“, explains Prince Maurizio, artist and master of ceremonies. The city celebrates its 1600 years this evening. The party will be virtual, with important stakes for the months and years to come. In Venice, one in two jobs depends directly on visitors .

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