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Disagreement when Sweden decides on the EU’s corona fund – debate in Aktuellt

Both the Left Party and the Sweden Democrats have criticized the recovery package, while other parliamentary parties support the proposal. For Sweden, this means a cost of approximately SEK 150 billion. The total of SEK 7,500 billion will then be distributed to the member countries.

The Sweden Democrats’ economic-political spokesman Oscar Sjöstedt believes that it is “a betrayal” of the government to vote yes to the package.

– It is a real loss-making deal for Sweden, he says.

– It can not be the task of Swedish taxpayers to finance chronic budget deficits in countries such as Greece and Italy, emphasized Oscar Sjöstedt, who believes that the money is needed at home.

“Risk of collapse”

EU Minister Hans Dahlgren (S), for his part, believes that the money is necessary for European stability and that it is an investment for the future.

– My opinion is that we as a nation have for many years benefited from European cooperation, says Hans Dahlgren.

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– There is a risk that the European economies will collapse. We all benefit from the fact that the European economies are doing well.

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