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Diili-Sointu reveals a surprising fact about applying to the program – couldn’t get over the idea that was to water down the whole thing – TV & movies

Sointu Borg, known from the deal, says that he suffered from cheat syndrome.

TV viewers talked a lot Deal-rival Sointu Borg, 28, reveals on social media that he’s not really as confident as the outside might look. In his recent release, Borg goes back to the time before the filming of the program, when he had to hack the whole thing.

– In honor of reaching the middle of the race, I will tell you a secret. I meant not to send my deal application in the past. Guess why, Borg secretly writes on Instagram.

He says he feared being ridiculed in the program. In addition, he says that he has questioned his own professionalism and suitability for the program on many occasions. Borg says he suffered from scam syndrome.

– I was afraid I would be laughed at. I was afraid that by going to the race, I would be biting a piece of cake that was way too big. My head was filled with absolutely silly thoughts, he writes.

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He also reveals that he was preoccupied with how other contestants would react to him and his personal brand. The first meeting, where other riders listed their own merits, did not help.

– On the first day of filming, we got to know each other with off camera competitors. It was time for the next shit stroke! Some had 14 investment homes, some had made careers in Japan, Dubai, and the Yankees, some ran several successful businesses at the same time, and everyone around me seemed completely invincible. Sweat rose to the forehead, Borg writes.

Eventually, Borg decided to take the bull out of the horns and push his uncertain thoughts “where the sun doesn’t shine”.

– At this point, the cheater syndrome just had to be pushed aside. There were two options. Gather yourself or go home crying when you have given up. I decided that was enough. I decided to do my best.

Noora Fagerlund, Jaajo Linnonmaa and Toni Lähde are seen as the locomotives of the deal this season.­

The hugely popular Deal season is now halfway through and Borg is still in the game. He says in his update that the center of the race was his original goal as well.

– I have faced criticism and along the way became kompasteltua, but I killed it. Here I sit in one song and even smile!

– Uncertainty is human, but sometimes it has to be shown an ass and a little teasing behind it. Fortunately, I didn’t hare. Not you either! It is one of the life types. Neighbor Ritvat complains anyway, you do whatever. So why don’t you do exactly what you want, Borg shakes.

In addition to the deal, Borg is known Baby Oy -true TV show. Borg is also popular on social media and has more than 40,000 followers on his photo service Instagram. Borg, a graduate of the Turku School of Economics, runs his own company, which arranges hosts for various events.

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