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“Difficulty with distance education for the younger children”

– The experience is that it works, but that it is more difficult for the younger children, says Jenny Dahlin, head of children and education in Hagfors municipality.

She notes that the older students in high school and high school do better, even though it can be difficult to adapt the teaching to each individual student.

Continued distance learning for some of the older students

Pupils in grades 7-8 and upper secondary school grades 1-2 at Älvstrand’s education center ÄBC, may also continue to have distance education, currently up to and including week 15, while year 9 and final year students at Älvstranden will return to local education in full from 29 March.

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School principal Jenny Dahlin in Hagfors is concerned about rapid spread of corona infection at Älvstranden Bildningscentrum Photo: SVT

– The biggest problem has been in the practical aesthetic subjects, NO and math, states Jenny Dahlin.

When it does not work at home

A small number of pupils have also been allowed to be at school during the time that distance learning has been conducted because, for various reasons, it does not work to sit at home and study and pupils in compulsory special school and upper secondary special school are excluded from distance learning.

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As the older students are not at ÄBC, it has been possible to spread the units so that it is not as crowded as usual now that the younger children are back at school. But the school has noted that some parents still keep their children at home without being sick, for fear of infection.

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