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Difficult conditions are imposed on the opening of the World Formula One – Formula 1

The wind has been teasing drivers and riders throughout the weekend.

Difficult conditions are predicted for the opening of the Formula 1 World Championship series. The wind has plagued aerodynamically sensitive vehicles and drivers throughout the weekend. The wind is forecast to reach when the opening race of the season in Bahrain’s gp starts at 6 pm Finnish time.

Valtteri Bottas starts the race from the third starting box. Above the journey accelerated by Red Bull grabbed the pole position Max Verstappen and a Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton.

After a time trial, Bottas hinted that the team was trying to defeat Verstappen with team tactics.

– Max leaves the pile, but we have two cars in the race. We can certainly work together and get something good through it, Bottas planned.

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– My starting point in the third box is not what I was aiming for, but anything is possible. Everything is decided only in the competition, and goals are set only for that.

The top three set off with similar tires. Bottas made it clear that Mercedes ’tactics may differ from Red Bull’s solutions in the later stages of the race.

– We may have more hard tires. I can’t reveal more about it, Bottas said.

The effect of wind is difficult to predict

In Bahrain, the wind has done tricks on Bottas in the quadruple bend of the track. It has made it difficult to adjust the car, but the car was made better in time trial than in practice.

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– I started to trust the car and gradually got a better idea of ​​the wind. Everything has gone for the better, Bottas said.

The effect of the still rising wind could not be predicted by Bottas.

– The wind makes everything harder. I am sure that no one is not easy, but I do not know how the other cars behave with increasing wind, Bottas continued.

– Cars have different characteristics, and some are more sensitive to wind than others.

Räikkönen acknowledged the whims of the wind

Kimi Raikkonen will compete with Alfa Romeo in the 14th starting box. The Italian stable also suffered from problems caused by the wind.

– We made changes to the car before the time trial, but they went wrong when the wind changed direction, Räikkönen revealed.

– It can be fixed, but conditions are still changing.

Despite all his experience, Räikkönen acknowledged the winds in Bahrain as awkward.

– Of course it was the same for everyone, but in windy conditions it is difficult to get the perfect feel for a car. Now you just have to look at how the weather is changing and start moving from it, Räikkönen said.

– Conditions are certainly not quite the best, but we try to improve and see what we can do.

Bottas won last season’s opening race in Austria. At the end points of the World Series, he was second only to his teammate Hamilton. Verstappen was third.

Räikkönen was 16th in last year’s series.

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