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Did you get a weird lottery call? Police and consumer ombudsman warn – Taloussanomat

Gambling has been sold illegally to consumers over the phone, the Police Board and the Consumer Ombudsman warn.

The police board and consumer ombudsman warn of illegal gambling phone marketing.

Some Finns have received calls from foreign companies encouraging them to participate in lottery draws. They have been marketed at least under the brand names 121Lotto and Lotto365, the consumer ombudsman says in a statement.

The calls have offered consumers fixed-term, monthly gambling subscriptions.

The calls are in Finnish, and some of them also seem to come from the Finnish area code.

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In mainland Finland, gambling may only be marketed and executed by Veikkaus.

Calls have offered consumers a 48-hour right of cancellation, but companies have not answered calls. Some have received an invoice, even if they have canceled the service via email within 48 hours, and not all have received the promised order confirmation either.

Consumer authorities cannot help those who have played games by illegal operators. In problematic situations, consumers can make a complaint to the seller.

Nor can the police help individual consumers who have played games by illegal actors. However, the police can be notified of their findings as the police intervene in illegally offered gambling.

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The National Board of Police reminds that Veikkaus, the only company that legally offers gambling, does not make telephone sales.

– Therefore, gambling sold over the phone should never be purchased. The games offered to Finland are illegal. It would be safest not to play these games at all, despite volatile sales talks, the Chief Inspector of the Police Board Anna-Emilia Sirén says in a press release.

The Consumer Ombudsman is concerned about the phenomenon that has landed in Finland. In addition to telephone marketing, foreign gambling is advertised in social media influencer marketing.

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