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Despite the county administrative board’s decision – the municipality is still building a bathing jetty

Last summer, the county administrative board decided that Höganäs municipality would be allowed to build a bathing jetty – a decision that upset many wave surfers. The surf wave in Mölle is completely unique, told Zafer Taylor, Skåne’s wave surfer.

But the county administrative board has now changed. Earlier this week, the authority wrote the following in a press release:

– We have changed our position since we realized that the municipality did not have a dialogue with the association Skånes Vågsurfare, says Carl Lindqvist, water administrator at the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

Höganäs municipality closes its eyes to the new decision

The latest decision from the county administrative board has been appealed by Höganäs municipality.

– We have already procured a contractor, which will start in two to three weeks, says Pär Ragvald, urban environment manager within the municipality.

If nothing happens until then, will you start construction without the county administrative board’s permission?

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– We have a permit from the county administrative board that has gained legal force, the decision made now has not gained legal force and will not do so, he says.

This is how it sounded in September last year:

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See why Zafer Taylor and several other surfers thrive in Mölle when it’s windy. Photo: Erik Danielsson
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