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despite a common executive, Benghazi still plagued by insecurity

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                The arrival of the new unified executive has not yet changed the security situation in Libya.  In both East and West, abuses and human rights abuses, kidnappings and arbitrary detentions continue.  In recent times, the largest city in eastern Libya has been the scene of an unprecedented series of killings and kidnappings.  The new executive seems powerless in the face of the insecurity that reigns throughout the country.

                                    <p>Since March 18, when a dozen bodies riddled with bullets littered the street in Benghazi, the atrocities have been increasing in this city in eastern Libya under the authority of the forces of Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Home raids and arrests are systematically carried out by hooded soldiers. The latest example, this March 25, just hours after announcing that she had identified the murderers of her mother, Hanine al-Abdaly, was kidnapped.

This young woman is the daughter of lawyer Hanane Baraasi who was assassinated last November in Benghazi after denouncing the abuses of Khalifa Haftar’s sons. Security authorities now accuse him of being involved in the liquidation of Mahmoud Werfalli, an officer in Khalifa Haftar’s forces claimed by the ICC for a war crime.

Abducted Messenger of Peace

However, the rest of the country is not spared. Similar abuses are also reported in Tripoli and in the West. A symbolic act illustrates this generalized insecurity: militiamen from the town of Zaouia west of Tripoli kidnapped a messenger of peace who traveled on camel 1,900 km from the Egyptian border. His camel was killed.

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