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dentists and veterinarians take to the track



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K. Adda-Rezig, B. Aparis, P. Le Mat, A. Zouioueche, G. Le Goff, G. Sabin, D. Fuchs

France 3

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After pharmacists and firefighters, make way for dentists and veterinarians. The latter were authorized to vaccinate on Friday March 26 by the High Authority of Health. The aim is to speed up the vaccination campaign.

In order to speed up the vaccination campaign in France, the High Authority of Health gave the green light, Friday March 26, to dentists and veterinarians, to inject the vaccines. The professionals concerned are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​participating in the collective effort. This is the case of Dr. Romain Jack, dental surgeon. However, he wonders about the organization to put in place. “Do we do it by extending our dates? It will certainly be on free time, on rest days“, he asks.

Veterinarians, for their part, will not be able to vaccinate in their office. They will have to go to a vaccination center. However, the motivation is also very present. “If we have to help, we will help without any problem, it is an act that we practice on a daily basis“, estimates Ronan Petton, veterinarian in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). The High Authority of health intends to go even further and plans to also authorize nurses to inject the precious serum.

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