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dentists and veterinarians can now vaccinate


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France 2

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K. Adda-Rezig, B. Aparis, P. Le Mat, G. Sabin, G. Charron, Y. Kadouch

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France 2

France Televisions

After doctors, firefighters and pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians will also be able to vaccinate the French, reports France 2, Friday March 26.

After firefighters and pharmacists, the High Authority for Health decided to authorize, on Friday March 26, dentists and veterinarians to vaccinate the French against Covid-19. This initiative should make it possible to speed up the vaccination campaign in France. In fact, in France, there are 18,874 veterinarians. Among them, Doctor Ronan Petton, veterinarian in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), is delighted to participate in the collective effort.

The question does not even place itself. We are always available, we have always been available and if we need to help, we will help without any problem“, he testifies, very enthusiastic. Here, his participation in the vaccination campaign is well regarded by his clients who trust him. Dentists, who are currently 42,890 on French territory, will also have the right to get their hands dirty. They can even perform the injections directly in their surgeries. “We have a very high demand“, notes Benoît Perrier, Secretary General of the French Union for Oral Health

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