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Denmark announces exit plan: Aim to return to near-normal life as early as May – Taloussanomat

According to the Danish exit strategy, all people over the age of 50 have been vaccinated by the end of May.

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Danish the government has unveiled its so-called exit plan, according to which the country’s interest rate restrictions will be gradually lifted as vaccinations progress. Restrictions in Denmark have been stricter than in Finland, for example, non-grocery stores have been closed and primary school has also been visited remotely.

Recently, an average of 358 new coronary infections have been found in the country every day, according to Reuters. At its worst last December, there were more than 4,000 infections in one day.

Danish the first phase of the exit plan will arrive immediately after Easter, on Tuesday, April 6, when students will be able to access contact classes in stages and hairdressers and many other services will be able to open their doors again.

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One week later, on April 13, both open-air restaurants and cafés will open.

On May 6, customers of restaurants and cafes can be allowed back indoors. Cultural sites are also to be opened. On May 21, Amusement Parks and Zoos, among others, may reopen to the public.

By the end of May, Denmark is planned to be close to normal. Admittedly, the opening of nightclubs and allowing public events will still be considered separately.

News agency According to Reuters, almost 12 per cent of Danes have so far received at least one dose of vaccine against corona, while in Finland the proportion is more than 15 per cent. Just over 6 per cent of Danes and 1.6 per cent of Finns have received the second dose.

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Based on last week’s vaccination rates, the next 10 percent would take 79 days to vaccinate, that is, until the end of June. Denmark aims to have all its citizens vaccinated by the end of July.

However, the Danish exit strategy is based on the assumption that all willing people over the age of 50 will be vaccinated by the end of May, which is expected to significantly reduce health and unit risks.

Danish in addition, Britain and Germany, for example, have already announced their exit strategies.

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According to Ilta-Sanomat, the Finnish government’s exit strategy has been prepared since February, but the worsening epidemic has delayed work. With the prospect of announcing the strategy, we will have to wait until next week.

On Sunday, during an interview with the Prime Minister of Yle, the Prime Minister on Sunday Sanna Marin (sd) said the government will discuss an exit strategy this week.

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All parties have been invited to discuss the strategy after Easter, when it is also due to be presented.

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