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Demolition law firm risks millions in fines

– There does not seem to be any interest from the company to provide clear price information. We think this is worrying, says Daniel Eliasson, a lawyer at the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Both Plusredaktionen and the Swedish Consumer Agency has in recent years received numerous complaints from customers who claimed that they had received misleading price information from the agency.

In 2019, the complaints led to the Consumer Ombudsman suing the agency, which in 2020 was banned by the Patent and Market Court from continuing with unclear price information. If the company broke this, they would have to pay a million kronor in fines.

“A violation of the judgment”

The Swedish Consumer Agency is now making the assessment that Rive still does not provide correct and complete price information in telephone conversations with its customers.

– Seen from the reports we have received, it seems that Rive is still unclear about what the service costs. We consider this to be misleading and a violation of the judgment, says Daniel Eliasson.

The Swedish Consumer Agency has presented its assessment to the company and the Consumer Ombudsman now has the opportunity to take Rive to court again to have the fine imposed.

The agency does not agree

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In an email to Plusredaktionen, the agency writes that it expects the Swedish Consumer Agency to close the case, as it believes that with audio files from customer interviews, it will be able to prove that the agency complied with the court’s decision.

In previous answers to Plus The agency claims that the majority of customers are satisfied and that all customers receive clear oral and written information and also a written price guarantee before the case begins.

When asked what the agency wants to say to all the customers who, after all, feel cheated, Plus gets no answer.

Have you had problems with a legal service? Contact Plus! Photo: Matilda Sandberg / SVT

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