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Defense faces the new concert of the Gmez Ulla military hospital at war with Isabel Daz Ayuso

Monday, March 29, 2021 – 02:08

CSIF hopes that the renovation will make it possible to end the high temporary nature of this health center

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The president of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, with the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles
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The termination of the agreement that converts the Gmez Ulla Military Defense Hospital one more of the Madrid health network cannot come at a worse time. In the midst of open warfare between Madrid’s community and the government and at the gates of autonomous elections next May 4th, transformed into one of the great events of national politics. With the pose of some generals and with the most relevant protagonists in action. The January 1, 2011 the center became one more d

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the regional health system after the signing of a collaboration agreement between the then minister,

Carme chacn

, and the regional president,

Hope Aguirre

. Since then, the only hospital that, together with that of


, the Ministry retains its ownership, began to provide all services in its area of ​​influence, the districts of

La Latina



. Before that date, other but smaller concerts had been signed. As of 2011, the Gmez Ulla offers absolute health care to the people of Madrid: hospitalization, emergencies, diagnostic tests and consultations. More than


primers depend on him, according to union sources. With a validity period of 10 years, the concert between the Ministry and the Community ended this January. Defense confirms that they are proceeding with the renovation, but the unions are pressing. Workers are considered the great forgotten of public health. They are, in total,


civilian employees of all categories and


military. Many of them, they denounce, accumulating precarious contracts. All the unions of the delegated board of the Ministry of Defense,






, they requested a meeting with the undersecretary of the Ministry,

Amparo Valcarce

, to specifically address the labor problem at Gmez Ulla that was going to take place in January and which was not finally held. As explained

Miguel ngel Rodrguez Molina

, responsible for the civil defense personnel of CSIF, the Ministry is very reluctant to negotiate the consolidation of jobs. At the moment there are only authorized


new positions for the entire Defense health system, as a result of the public employment offer in 2017 and 2018, which must be called in 2020 and, due to the pandemic, have been delayed until this year. This delay has triggered the temporality in this military hospital. Until


Workers have concatenated temporary contracts beyond two years, which is a fraud of the law. That is why the CSIF indicates that the renewal of the concert would see good news because it would positively affect all jobs in the hospital and could facilitate the negotiation to achieve the opening of new stabilization processes and end the temporary and precarious nature of the center. But this decision comes right at the gates of the elections and for the Ministry it is essential to know the future of the hospital before proposing the stabilization of the workforce before the Public Service. Throughout these months, Daz Ayuso has been characterized by exercising a fierce confrontation with the central government, which has ended up turning it into the reference of the opposition to the chief executive,

Pedro Sanchez

. Despite this, the relations that the Minister of Defense,

Margaret Robles

, maintains with Ayuso and with the mayor of Madrid,

Jos Luis Martnez Almeida

, are somewhat more fluid and it was seen in the participation of the

Military Emergency Unit (UME)

in the January snowfall in Madrid, which overwhelmed all administrations, despite repeated weather warnings.

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