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Defendant in the noose loop case could not tell the cause of his “brain stings” in court – 17-year-old claimed the victim had participated voluntarily – Domestic

The accused, a 17-year-old young man accused of a hanging loop story, did not say any motive for his intercession against a 13-year-old boy a year and a half ago.

Päijät-Häme District Court continued to prosecute allegations of violence on Friday. At the time of the assault, the accused was 15 years old.

The court heard the account of the accused, the mother of the boy who had received a hanging noose around his neck, and two sons who were witnesses at the scene who saw what was happening in the woods when a hanging rope was placed around the boy’s neck.

The accused was speechless and did not bring any actual new information that would not have come to light during the police preliminary investigation.

He briefly opened the reasons why the heirloom high school boy was selected as the victim in the summer of 2019.

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According to the accused, the 13-year-old was willing to volunteer to go into fights with him and he had voluntarily taken a noose around his neck as well.

The defendant described the idea of ​​a noose as a “brain injection” he had received.

At least the accused could not put into words that the act repented of him and he did not bring out any apologies in any way. He was a humble boy in court, but in no way flattered justice.

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As a victim the mother of the fallen son was heard by the district court via video link. The boy was beaten by a bigger one five times, the most serious of which was putting a hanging noose around his neck.

The pre-trial report shows that even the boy’s death was imminent. The mother handled the incident a year and a half ago very rationally. The mother demands punishment for the accused.

As witnesses the boys heard were at first forgetful, but when their pre-trial reports were reviewed in court, the events came to mind and the pre-trial reports were found to be correct.

The situation was difficult for the boys because both the victim and the accused have been close to each other. It was not clear what the distance between the boys and the accused is at the moment. They avoided gazing and the situation was awkward.

Legal will continue to hear the cases until Monday, when the parties will present their final statement and the prosecutor’s claim for punishment. The prosecutor demands a conditional prison sentence for the perpetrator.

The incidents have occurred in a small municipality in Päijänne Tavastia in the summer and autumn of 2019. Two acts of violence have occurred in the local high school during the school day and five outside the school.

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