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Daughter remembered killing her father with a beautiful wedding photo – this is known from the victims of the Colorado mass shooting – Abroad

Ten people were killed in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

Stateside information on the victims of the Massado Boulder massacre was released on Tuesday. Ten people were killed in a shooting at King Soopers supermarket on local afternoon on Monday afternoon.

According to police, about half an hour’s drive from the town Arvadan in coming to a Ahmad Alissalle, 21, has been charged with charges of ten murders. The motive for the act is so far covered in obscurity.

Authorities said at a news conference on Tuesday that the victims were between the ages of 20 and 65. Some of the relatives of the deceased also spoke about it in ripping updates on social media.

– My heart breaks when I announce that my father, my hero, Kevin Mahoney has died in the shooting of King Soopers in my hometown of Boulder. My father represents everything related to love. I’m so grateful that he was able to bring me to the altar last summer, wrote on Twitter Erika Mahoneyby the father Kevin Mahoney, 61, was one of the shooter’s ten victims.

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In the comments to the picture taken at her wedding, Mahoney added that she was pregnant and knew that the father would like her to remain strong because of her grandchild.

– I love you dad. You’re always with me, Mahoney, who works as a news manager for a California radio station, decided to upgrade.

In the shooting from a deceased friend Teri from Leiker, 51, posted on social media images Lexi Knutson. He said Leiker, who had worked at the King Soopers store for 30 years, was dating his co-worker.

– I want to tell you more about Ter later, but at this point to your knowledge that one of the victims was the most innocent, caring and loving individual the country carried on him, Knutson recalled his friend.

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He told Reuters he met Leiker four years ago in a program at the University of Colorado designed to create friendships between students and members of the mentally handicapped community. According to Knutson, Leiker, who was mildly mentally handicapped, had once been washed into a supermarket to work through a special program.

– He loved going to work and enjoyed everything related to it. She and her boyfriend had been good friends and started dating in the fall of 2019. The boyfriend was also at work yesterday. He’s alive, Knutson said.

Supermarket the workers also included the youngest of the deceased, 20 years old Denny Stong. On Facebook, he said he likes airplanes, bikes and motorcycles.

– I can not stay at home, I’m at the grocery store worker, Stong signaled koronarajoituksiin connection profile picture frames.

Stong’s photo was shared on Twitter Washington Postin supplier Marisa Iati, who recalled that shooting was another source of trauma for workers in essential sectors who were already under pressure.

Earlier in March, Stong, who celebrated his birthday, hoped for donations on Facebook to the NAGR association, which advocates for the rights of gun owners.

King Soopersissa also worked Rikki Olds, 25, who also socialized with a colleague Jordan Arthurin with.

– Broken honey, you were taken too early. I miss you with love, Arthur wrote in a joint photo he posted on Facebook, according to Reuters.

In her own profile, Olds shared photos of the rugged nature of the mountainous state in addition to the photos taken with her boyfriend.

Serbian US Ambassador Marko Djuric confirmed Daily Beastin according to the shooting dead Neven Stanisicin, 23, had Serbian roots.

– I can tell you his heart was gold. In high school, he always stood by my side. Always a good person both outside and inside, a friend of Stanisic Sterling Monroe described the young man in his Facebook update.

Denver the Center for the Performing Arts DCPA, for its part, published a picture of its actor Suzanne Fountainista, 59, who was also killed in the shooting.

– Our hearts are broken because of the senseless violence seen in Boulder yesterday. We are particularly saddened to hear of the death of actor Suzanne Fountain, who was involved in DCPA’s own theater group, the center tweeted.

He died the police officers who were the first to arrive at the scene were named in public Eric Talley, 51. The father of seven children was said to have just sought a safer job for himself because of the risks associated with the police profession.

– Officer Eric Talley is my big brother. He died today in the shooting at Boulder. My heart is broken. I can’t describe in words how wonderful she was and how overwhelming the loss this is to so many. Fly high, my dear brother. You always wanted to be a pilot (damn color blindness). Connect, Tallie’s sister Kirstin wrote in his tweet, in which he published a childhood picture of himself and his brother.

62 years old a pensioner and a mother of two Lynn Murray, 62, did New York Times according to his career as a photo director for several magazines in New York. At the start of the shooting on Monday, he was shopping for food at a supermarket in Boulder.

– She was an amazing woman, probably the kindest person I have ever known. Our lives are ruined, our tomorrow is forever filled with forever grief that one cannot imagine, Murray’s husband said John Mackenzie magazine by phone.

Leather brand After working for Embrazio Jody Watersia, 65, friends described the Daily Beast as “a beautiful soul with a warm and loving heart”.

– Mom and grandmother. She will be lovingly missed by all those who were lucky enough to know her, the woman’s colleagues wrote on Facebook.

The tenth person killed in the shooting was 49 years old, according to authorities Talona Bartkowiak.

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