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Daniel Lehtonen reveals how to make Temptation Island’s party last until the morning – production can use a cunning way – TV & movies

How much of the reality TV is planned and does the production guide the participants? According to Daniel “Bile-Dani” Lehtonen, the production can create a framework for the creation of good entertainment, but the rest depends on the participants.

Bile-Danina made public efforts Daniel Lehtonen, 30, is a familiar sight in a variety of reality TV formats. He started his TV career Hottiksetseries in 2015 and has since competed, among other things In celebrity survivors and The biggest loser series.

Lehtonen has also participated twice Temptation Island Finland series, once as a single and once as a couple. According to him, in the format, the course of the days is carefully planned in advance, but their content is not. Lehtonen says that the scripted content only includes dates for dates, parties and campfires, as well as party themes.

– The content that is seen on TV is genuinely created by the participants, he says.

Lehtonen however, according to the production, it can contribute to the creation of interesting content in various ways and “create favorable conditions for the emergence of entertainment”. One such means is the serving of alcohol.

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– If it seems that the party is coming out unnecessarily early, the production can bring liquor and a little manipulation of the mood. If at first there has been a mere skump on offer and the gang is not intoxicated with it, they can bring a stronger drink to the offer. The gang then pulls the spirits out of the liquor and soon it starts to happen.

– However, no production will tell anyone that hey say that now, and no one will be forced to drink.

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Known as Bile-Dan, Daniel Lehtonen participated in Temptation Island as a single during the first season of the program.­

According to Lehtonen, no one has forced him to say things in a certain way or to be a certain kind.

– I don’t feel that I’ve ever done anything on TV that I don’t think is worthwhile. The last word is always with the participant in all programs. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Sometimes production has to intervene precisely because they are not scripted and planned. According to Lehtonen, one such situation happened when he became enraged in the fourth season of Temptation Island To Elias this way of talking about his girlfriend.

– I got really angry with Elias then and the production whistled across the game that hey now one goes a ton and the other a ton, Lehtonen says.

– From time to time, there are situations where it is necessary to intervene in events so that they do not go completely awry.

Lehtonen in 2015 at the Hottikset press conference. In the series, the young singles moved to a roommate in Helsinki.­

Also According to Lehtonen, magic can be made on the operating table, which makes the twists and turns of the program seem more dramatic than the shooting situation.

– As a rule, everything is true, but things can be taken out of context. It can influence the reaction of viewers and make things look more exciting.

– Yet everything that has happened has really happened, and everything that has been said has been said just that. With a good cut, it can be further emphasized.

The work done in the surgical phase and the end result seen in the program have sometimes caused Lehtonen embarrassment afterwards. For example, looking at the evening campfires on Temptation Island, he has seen the situation with completely new eyes.

– I have experienced the filming of the reality of the situation calm, but when I saw it on TV, I figured out that I have been really broken. It’s somehow a really common effect that you see yourself in a whole different way when you look at the situation as if from the outside. You are quite different than you thought.

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