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Danes are welcomed to Sweden – now more ferry passengers are expected across the strait

In recent months, there has been a travel ban between Sweden and Denmark, which has affected ferry traffic between Helsingborg and Helsingör. During this time, it has mainly been border commuters and trucks that have crossed the strait.

– All tourists are missing and in total we have had 60 percent fewer passengers in the past year so it has been a tough period, says Kristian Durhuus, CEO of the shipping company ForSea.

Danish cottage owners are expected to travel

But from next week, the requirement for valid reasons, such as work, for Danes and Norwegians to travel into Sweden will be abolished. This means that they can travel to their cottages in Sweden, visit friends or make a pleasure or shopping trip – as long as they can show a negative covid test.

– There are about 12,000 Danes who have cottages in Sweden who have not been able to travel to their crofts in the last four months and we expect them to go over, says Kristian Durhuus, CEO of Forsea.

Quarantine requirements when returning

However, the number of ferry passengers between Elsinore and Helsingborg is not expected to increase drastically. This is because the Danish government requires that those who have been in Sweden are quarantined for at least three days when they come to Denmark.

– We get maybe ten percent more passengers, but we see it as a first step in an opening. We believe that this is the beginning of a full opening that may take place in mid-May, says Kristian Durhuus.

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Hear Kristian Durhuus, CEO of ForSea, tell more in the clip above.

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