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Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric on the market has small print

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Saturday, March 27, 2021 –

The brand has put it on sale from 16,548 euros financed, so what the client pays in the end is, at least, 18,582 euros. Still, there is no other electrician that offers what is at that price. The most affordable Invicta DS2, sure not.

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    “If Dacia disappeared, we would miss her”

Since the arrival of the Dacia Spring was confirmed, those responsible for the brand (with Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group at the head) insisted that it would be the cheapest electric car for sale in Europe. And De Meo himself did not hurt clothes when he acknowledged that the Renault Zoe that they have been selling for years has a rate – more than 30,000 euros without aid – that scares away customers.

The question has already been solved and The Spring costs, in its basic version in Spain, 16,548 euros. And, effectively, this means that there is no model with that technology that costs less. Or that it offers what this car for that price. But the offer has small print and, in addition, there is another more affordable electric vehicle on the market, although it is not 100% comparable.

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Regarding the first, the key is on the same website where the Renault Group brand admits reservations for the new model, whose deliveries to individuals are scheduled for after the summer. The car cannot be purchased in cash, only financed with the brand and thus, which is a Starting price of 16,548 ends up becoming, in the best of cases and adding the interests and expenses, in 18,582 euros. And this, for the basic version, since, with the Superior Comfort Plus finish, the figure reaches 19,835 euros. The simulation refers to a 36-month operation, with an entry fee of 5,500 euros and a maximum annual mileage of 10,000 kilometers.

The most efficient of the category

In return, we take a very small (3.73 meters long) and very narrow (only 1.58 meters) utility vehicle, approved for four occupants, well equipped with a trunk (270 liters) and very light to be electric, since it does not reach 1,050 kilos. It has a 44 hp engine and a 27 kWh battery that translates into a combined cycle WLTP autonomy of 230 km. In addition, it is the model in its category with the lowest average consumption, only

The minimum equipment includes power steering, air conditioning, remote control locking, LED headlights and power windows and mirrors, stability control, six airbags, the speed limiter and emergency braking.

The ‘fish’ of the Volkswagen Group

The next comparable model is the Volkswagen e-up, available from 19,775 euros, while their counterparts in Skoda (e Citigo) and Seat (mii Elctric) start at 19,850 and 21,300 euros respectively. All three measure practically the same, 3.6 meters, have a 250-liter boot and are more powerful: the engine yields 83 hp and the battery has 36.8 gross kWh, but as they are heavier and somewhat less efficient, there is not much more autonomy between recharges: about 260 km. In addition, they allow recharging at more power: up to 7 kW in alternating current and 40 kW in continuous, for the 6.6 and 30 that the Spring supports.

Image of the Volkswagen e-Up with 260 kilos
Image of the Volkswagen e-Up with 260 kilometers of autonomy

In all cases, prices quoted include brand promotional discounts but not public aid that in the case of Moves II still in force, allow subtracting up to 5,500 euros in the event of delivering a vehicle more than seven years old in exchange.

The cheaper Invicta DS2, but not comparable

Now, considering the pure and simple price, the Dacia has to twist its arm before the Invicta DS2, which can be purchased financed 15,495 euros or for 17,495 euros if paid in cash, option that right now is not contemplated in the Spring.

However, they are not homologated vehicles. The Invicta is of Chinese origin and has a tiny body, with 2.88 meters and capacity for only two people. in a kind of unattractive imitation of the Smart Fortwo electric (which costs almost 25,000 euros). In addition, although it has a little more power (49 CV), it has a battery with much less capacity: only 17 kW, which gives 150 km of range, but according to the NEDC cycle, much more optimistic than the WLTP used in the case of Spring. Its maximum speed is 105 km / h, for the 125 km / h of the Renault group model, and it does not support semi-fast loads either.

There is a more performance version of the DS2, with a 27 kWh battery that allows it to cover 250 km between recharges. But then the price rises to 19,495 with financing and a discount from the brand; and at 21,495 if you pay tocateja.

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