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Csar Gonzlez-Bueno takes command of Sabadell and divides its structure in Spain into three large areas

Reorganization in the entity


The entity has just received approval from the ECB for the appointment of Gonzlez-Bueno as CEO to replace Jaime Guardiola after his retirement

Csar Gonzlez-Bueno, in a file image.DAVID S. BUSTAMANTE
Landing in a big way Csar Gonzlez-Bueno as the new CEO of Banco Sabadell. The ECB has given the go-ahead to his appointment and as soon as it is official, the entity has also announced a reorganization of the group’s businesses in Spain, setting up an organizational chart with a flatter structure that highlights the promotion of internal talent.

In his first hours as CEO, Gonzlez-Bueno (61), who replaces Jaime Guardiola due to retirement, has presented the new organization of the bank, which will have as its main axes a greater focus on the customer and profitability. To do this, Sabadell will create three business units in Spain, Individuals, Companies and Corporate, providing greater management autonomy and responsibility to each area.

According to the bank, the unit of Individuals will be reorganized to adapt the offer of products and services to the needs of customers, so digitization will be a key element of support to more than 3,500 professionals in the branch network. The Personal Banking direction, which will temporarily be in the hands of Csar Gonzlez-Bueno, until the next appointment of its future manager, will be structured in product units, in order to ensure a greater closeness to the client.

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Also, have a private banking address to meet the specific needs of this customer segment.

For its part, the management of Companies and Network be directed by Carlos Ventura, who will also be in charge of the commercial network, and his objective will be to consolidate the position of this division and increase the volume of business efficiently. Business Banking will be structured from now on by segments, from freelancers to large companies.

The third business division of Sabadell will be that of Corporate banking, to continue directed by Jos Nieto and structured in customer units to serve and manage the relationship with large corporations. This new organization, affirms in a statement Csar Gonzlez-Bueno, must allow Sabadell to carry out its strategy focusing on the customer and profitability: “Each business is structured differently because the needs and priorities of its customers are also different. “.

The new CEO highlights that with this remodeling, more than a third of the people who are part of the new top-level management team “have agreed after internal promotion, unequivocal proof of the commitment to talent.”

Do not sell TSB

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Regarding the international subsidiaries, TSB and Mexico, led by Debbie Crosbie and Francisco Lira, respectively, they do not experience organizational changes and their strategy will remain focused on accelerating profitability and increasing their contribution to the group. At the moment, Sabadell stresses, “no sale process” of these subsidiaries “will be started in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Gonzlez-Bueno will continue working on the elaboration of the new strategic plan, which he plans to present next May. The reorganization of Sabadell also implies a new organization chart designed to provide the different business units with greater agility and autonomy: each one will be responsible for its income statement and its directors will be responsible for part of the corporate functions and capacities of the Finance areas. , Organization and Resources, Operations and Technology, Risks and Legal Advice.

The bank’s general secretary will continue to be led by Mara Jos Beato and there will be a cabinet of the CEO and Strategic Planning headed by Marc Prat.

Gabriel Martnez remains at the head of the Communication area. Leopoldo Alvear, former manager of Bankia, controlling the Financial management; Xavier Comerma for Risks; Miguel Montes for Organization and Resources, and Marc Armengol for Operations and Technology. For his part, David Vegara will be responsible for Risk Regulation and Control and Nria Lzaro for the Internal Audit.

Step next to Oliu

The landing of Gonzlez-Bueno in Sabadell will also mean that the president of the bank, Josep Oliu, step aside and leave executive functions.

The new CEO is a manager with more than 23 years of experience in the financial sector: he founded ING Direct Spain and was CEO of that bank in Spain and Portugal, as well as the creation and sale of EVO and the refloating of Novagalicia Banco. before its sale to Abanca.

Is linked to Banco Sabadell since March 2020, When he was appointed director of TSB, the British subsidiary, he is therefore very knowledgeable about the reality of the entity. The Madrid manager takes over from Jaume Guardiola, who retires after thirteen years as CEO and who from now on will preside over the bank’s franchise in Mexico.

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