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Craft beers and industrial beers, what are the differences?

DECRYPTIONBeer is a drink present at every aperitif organized at home, a sign of its success. Indispensable, its method of artisanal production almost disappeared twenty years ago to the detriment of industrial beer. A trend that has been reversed, in particular thanks to the growing interest of consumers for the origin as well as the mode of manufacture of what they consume. But is there a real difference between a craft beer and an industrial beer? Laurent Mariotte and his columnists tried to answer this question in the show The table of the good living.

The end of standardization of taste

One of the first real differences for the consumer between craft and industrial beer is the taste. “Industrial beer has standardized the taste of beer and from one brand to another, the differences are ultimately minimal”, explains Charlotte Langrand, “unlike craft beer, since there are not far from 2000 micro-breweries in France today. In these breweries, in general, around 100 hectoliters are produced per year, or even a little more. The advantage? different tastes, different types of hops, malt, rice, corn, water qualities as well as different yeasts. ”

You should know that there is no notion of terroir in a beer, since hops can come from anywhere. Thus, it is rather at the time of manufacture that each one puts his personal touch and creates a beer with a unique taste.

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A more human approach

Finally, small breweries allow a more human approach, as explained by Enguerrand Abt, master brewer at the Brasserie du Goulot in Roubaix. “The idea with the brasserie is to go there as if you were going to get your bread from the local baker. We regularly have people who stop and wonder what’s going on. brewing and we are not too busy, we leave the doors open like that, they can come and take a look.There are a lot of people who, in the end, discover beer thanks to us. ” One way to create an important consumer-producer bond.

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Micro-breweries also make it possible to have drink specialists who push back the limits of use of the latter. Some are even starting to develop beer ice cream, a way to diversify an essential product while making it famous.

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