Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Home Sport Covidsargat Saik run over by Villa: "Would not have played"
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Covidsargat Saik run over by Villa: “Would not have played”

– Villa wins fairly. We had no more to give for the day but gave what we had. There was not much to do. We knew we would not be able to cope and chose a tactic that did not suit us. We do not think that elite sports should be played under these conditions, we have people in the management staff who are in hospital. We would not have played this match, says Saik’s Daniel Berlin to Aftonbladet Play.

Why are you here at all?

Ask Villa’s club manager. He seems to decide that this match would be played, says Berlin.

“The skin is not as usual”

Before even half an hour had passed, Villa connected a real grip. Villa pushed very high and the Saik players could not get out of the situation. Alexander Härndahl was completely free but Saik’s goalkeeper Joel Othén managed. Jesper Eriksson then lifted the return for 3-0.

Shortly afterwards, Dennis Henriksen reduced to 3-1 after a corner variant where he played free on the left side could hit the ball.

– It’s nice to be up and running again, feels relatively good according to the conditions. It feels like the skin is not as it usually is, but you have to go for more changes, says goal thief Tim Persson who scored two goals.

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The next semifinal will be played in Sandviken on Tuesday. A possible fifth and decisive semi-final will be played in Lidköping on Thursday. The final, where AIK is waiting, will be played indoors in Uppsala on Saturday.

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