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Covered by masks, do we continue to take good care of our mouth?

Coinciding with “World Oral Health Week” this week I openly pose this question to you, despite knowing that The answer is negative. Do you take good care of your mouth and teeth? In case you did not know the data, I will tell you that in Spain we have the dubious honor of being the country in Europe with the highest incidence of oral health problems. And it is that up to 85% of Spaniards admit to having at least one dental problem, a fact that emerges from a study presented at the World Congress

l of Dentistry held a few years ago in Madrid. A good part of these problems are caused by

a series of mistakes we usually make when brushing our teeth

. An act so daily and routine that we do not always perform correctly, and that

It could even help protect us against the coronavirus according to recent studies

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. Grab a brush, toothpaste and mouthwash, and get ready to show off a nice and well-cared smile.

What toothbrush do I buy?

Choosing a toothbrush is a very important task, since not all are the same and our dental cleaning will depend largely on them.

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Size is important

, and it should not be too large so that you can easily reach the last pieces. We must note that

bristles have rounded ends

so that they do not damage the gums and the material from which they are made is soft, as well as that they are grouped in tufts slightly separated from each other to allow them to curve and better reach the interdental spaces.

Manual or electric brush?

If the brushing technique is correct with a traditional brush we could achieve an effective tooth brushing, but it is true that

certain electric brushes on the market offer better results compared to manual brushes

. The main advantage of some of these is that they reduce in greater quantity the bacterial plaque, responsible for the appearance of cavities and the inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

What model of electric toothbrush do I choose?

If our pocket allows it, we should

choose one that has an oscillating-rotating mechanism as they are the most effective

. The brush head will rotate and oscillate over the tooth, reaching the area where the gum ends and the tooth begins, a very important space for removing bacterial plaque. These more advanced models also incorporate a pressure control system that we exert on the pieces when brushing and that prevents us from eroding the tooth enamel, as well as another acoustic alert system that guarantees the minimum adequate brushing time.

How often should I change the brush?

The toothbrush is not eternal, and although they are manufactured with durable materials, we should never wait for the bristles to deform to change it. About

every 3 months we must replace it

, unless before that time the bristles have lost their original shape and are no longer parallel to each other.

And with the toothpaste?

On the market there are many brands of toothpaste with different characteristics, but

the importance is in the ingredients.

One of the most important is the


, essential for the prevention of caries, and whose content must be

greater than one thousand parts per million (ppm)

. It can also include compounds such as

pyrophosphates or zinc citrate

to prevent the appearance of tartar,


to eliminate some of the bacteria present in the mouth or tin for the treatment of periodontal diseases.

How much toothpaste is recommended?

With the toothpaste

quantity matters, and a lot.

Using a lot will cause a lot of foam to be produced, true, but that does not mean that we are cleaning our teeth better. The correct amount of pasta is approximately

like a pea


Should we also brush the tongue?

The language is

one of the parts of the body that accumulates more bacteria

. If we brush our teeth very well but forget our tongue, oral hygiene would be incomplete. For this, it is not recommended to use the bristles of the brush, since they are designed for a hard surface such as teeth and not for a muscle. On the market there are specific tongue scrapers for this use, and in the case of electric brushes there are also heads for this purpose.

Dental floss and mouthwash, it also has its role


dental floss would help us reach interdental areas

To which the toothbrush cannot reach, and its use is recommended at least once a day. If we also combine it with a mouthwash or mouthwash, hygiene would be complete. Regarding the latter, we can find them with

antiseptic formulas based on chlorhexidine, with fluoride, with and without alcohol

or with essential oils that provide a sensation of freshness.

Do mouthwashes prevent Covid-19?

Recent studies carried out in animals have shown that

mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine may help reduce the viral load of infected people

, thus helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. At the moment they are

preliminary phase studies

which should show positive results in humans.

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