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Could this be a decent party during Korona? See pictures of the exam, which can be a “step towards normal” – Abroad

A concert for 5,000 people was held in Barcelona. The vision was unreal in the midst of a corona pandemic.

An arena concert was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain on Saturday, with 5,000 people watching. Dancing people in the midst of a corona pandemic was like a time travel past.

At the same time, the sold-out concert was an experiment to test whether mass events can be organized in a corona-safe manner.

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A normal sight before Corona time, now a startling rarity.­

– This is just one night, so enjoy, the presenter urged to start.

Then one of Spain’s most popular indie bands, Love of Lesbian, entered the arena stage.

– This is so exciting. We were last on stage 18 months ago, soloist Santi Balmes glowed.

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The audience was equally excited.

– We really wanted to do something different, take a step towards normal, said Marina Crespo, 25.

At the same time, he tried to keep his distance from the rest of the audience so as not to “get too close”.

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Participants underwent antigen tests on the day of the concert. There were three test sites. In Finland, the antigen test has been referred to as rapid tests, because the result usually comes in 10–30 minutes.­

For the concert at the Palau Sant Jordi arena, participants were required to wear face masks, but not safety gaps.­

“We hope for this turning point”

The event was organized by a team of music and event professionals along with a local hospital.

As part of the security arrangements for everyone, a quick corona test was performed on the day of the concert. In addition to the negative test result, entry was required using an FpP2 mask. Other security measures included improving the ventilation of the arena.

– We assume this is completely safe. Over the next two weeks, we will monitor how many people in the audience get a positive test result, said a doctor at Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital Josep Maria Llibre.

The possible illness of the concert participants will be monitored in the coming weeks and compared to the interest rates of the rest of the population.­

Love of Lesbians started the concert with their hit Nadie por las calles.­

Previously, a concert of 500 people was held with similar security measures: with masks and tests, but without safety gaps. There were no infections.­

The event area is one of the worst affected by the corona pandemic. It is hoped in the industry that the Barcelona Concert will provide information on how concerts could be held safely, even in the context of the corona epidemic.

– The pandemic has been an equal nightmare for everyone, but especially for the music industry, the local event organizer summed up.

– We hope for a turning point in this.

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