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Could Finland buy AstraZeneca vaccines from other countries? STM: In practice, it would mean bilateral negotiations – Domestic

Fimea’s chief doctor would like vaccines that are not suitable for others to be bought in Finland.

Should Finland wish to purchase more AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from countries that have suspended its use, the purchase should be made through bilateral negotiations.

– As far as I know, there is no mechanism within the EU for this. In practice, this would mean bilateral negotiations, the head of the department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Tuija Kumpulainen replied by e-mail to Ilta-Sanomat on Tuesday evening.

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Tuija Kumpulainen, Head of Department, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.­

He said negotiations to buy the vaccine are not underway.

He also does not comment on whether the purchase of vaccines through bilateral negotiations has been discussed in the STM.

– I will not comment on any internal discussions.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Physician, Fimea Pharmacovigilance Unit, Center for Pharmaceutical Safety and Development Maija Kaukonen said To Ilta-Sanomatthat Finland could aim for vaccine doses from countries that do not use it.

– I would like this to be seen as an opportunity. If vaccine doses are not valid for other countries, they could be taken in Finland.

The decision to obtain possible additional doses is not made by Fime, but by STM.

Maija Kaukonen, Chief Physician, Head of Fimea’s Pharmacovigilance Unit.­

More than 15 European countries have so far stopped using AstraZeneca because some people who have had severe blood clots soon after receiving the vaccine.

Finland is not suspending the use of the vaccine, at least for the time being. Fimea has received nine reports of suspected post-vaccination thrombosis.

On Tuesday, the Director General of the European Medicines Agency Emer Cooke said at the press conferencethat all cases of thrombosis are being investigated, but there is currently no evidence that they are due to the vaccine.

EMA plans to tell more on Thursday.

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