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Cotton occurred in a house in Yekaterinburg – RT in Russian

In a three-story residential building in Yekaterinburg, cotton occurred, as a result of which one person was injured, 19 residents were evacuated, the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported.

“According to preliminary data, on the third floor of a three-storey multi-apartment gasified residential building, there was a cotton of the gas-air mixture without subsequent combustion, as a result of which the window opening was damaged,” RIA Novosti reported.

The victim was transferred to the ambulance for examination, 19 people were evacuated from the house, including four children.

At the same time, the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the emergency occurred as a result of the ignition of vapors of a flammable liquid in one of the apartments.

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“In an apartment on Orlovskaya Street there was a container with a flammable liquid, a young man born in 1990 decided to smoke, which caused the vapor of this liquid to ignite,” – quotes the head of the press service of the department Valery Gorelykh TASS.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the victim was hospitalized with 40% of burns.

Earlier, five people were injured in the explosion of a gas cylinder in a private house in New Moscow.

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